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The Fleegle Pet November 1, 2008

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Today is my baby shower. So in honor of Moms expecting babies all over the world I decided to write this post which has nothing to do with infants, but everything to do with being a Mom.

Meet Walden, Wubbzy, and Widget
(Widget is my favorite)
from the show Wow Wow Wubbzy.
My kids majorly heart this show!!

One day Wubbzy gets a pet. He names it Tiny. It is called a fleegle. He feeds his pet fleegle, Tiny, candy and Tiny suddenly grows to be 50 feet tall. In order to shrink him back to his normal size, Wubbzy and his friends have to feed him carrot juice. The moral of this story? Read the instructions given to you for your pet so you can properly care for him. So cute! Oh and carrot juice is better than candy. Ha!!

Brianna and Jeremy have this show and many other episodes from WWW on DVR. Thank God for that contraption/invention/what have you. Life Saver!!!

So the other day we’re eating our 2nd lunch together (yes, we have 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches and 2 dinners around here — my kids LOVE to eat!). Brianna (age 4) starts to tell me she wants a pet. I am not a pet person. Those days are long gone. So I decided to simply play along. Here ya go…

B: Mommy, what kind of pet do you want?
Me: I’ll take a hamster.
B: Jeremy, what kind of pet do you want — a fish or a bird? [she gives him a choice so it won’t take too long — he’s only 2 1/2]
J: A bird and I want to name him Tiny. [see where this is going, don’t you]
B: I want a fleegle.
Me: Where do you suppose we can get a fleegle?
B: From the trapper man.
Me: Do you know where we can find a trapper man?
B: In the truck, Mom. [like, duh, I should have known that]
Me: Ok, but I don’t think a 50 foot fleegle will fit in our house. Wubbzy’s fleegle got to be taller than our house, Bree.
B: Mom, I won’t feed him candy. I will only feed him sticks and grass and food that we eat, but not sugar.
Me: Is that right?
B: Yes, Mom and he won’t get big because I will take care of him like it says in the directions. [the girl is so serious and I am totally trying not to crack up at her]
Me: Bree, we live in Florida.
B: I know that Mom. So?
Me: Well, Wuzzleburg is the only place that has fleegles and Wuzzleberg isn’t in Florida.
B: Where is Wuzzleburg, Mom?
Me: In Colorado. [I don’t know, what would you have said?]
B: Where is that?
Me: In the coldest part of our country. You know how you hate cold? Well, Colorado is colder than Florida could even dream of getting. That’s where Wuzzleburg is. In Colorado. [ha — I fixed her]
B: Mom, snakes are in Florida. Can I have a snake? [she fixed me right back]
Me: No, snakes will hurt you and will eat my hamster and Jeremy’s bird, Tiny.
J: [starts to wimper] Not bird Tiny!! That bad snake won’t eat my bird!!!
B: Ok, then I want a dog. Dogs don’t eat hamsters or birds.
Me: Someday we might get a dog when you kids are old enough to care for it because Mommy does not do dog poop or dog baths or dog walks or anything else dog that is unpleasant or time consuming.
B: Jeremy, did you hear that? Mom said we can get a dog!!!!!!!!!

Yep, you saw it right here — I’m screwed! Kids are smarter than you think even when you think you thought you thunk it. Sheesh!!

Happy weekend kids!!


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