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So When are You Due? November 2, 2008

I get asked that a lot. A super lot. When I say January 19th I get funny looks most of the time. However, if you count that I am really only about 10 weeks away from having this child in my arms instead of in my belly then it seems not so far away.

I had a lot of cramping and tightness in my stomach Friday night. I rolled over to my left side and they went away. I seriously think this baby will be here before mid-January. We’ll see.

My baby shower was Saturday. It was wonderful and so feminine and fun. I really enjoyed myself and I didn’t want to leave all my friends when it was over. We had a good, good time!!

So I am 29 weeks pregnant. When I saw these pictures I thought I don’t look as big as I look in the mirror. That’s odd. Usually it’s the opposite. Anyway. Here’s me. Now you know why I waddle.

Heidi at 29 weeks

Bib says “Sweet Pea”

By the way, I have a picture of me with my friend (forgot to see if I could post it on here and I won’t w/out her consent) belly to belly. She is due 1 week after me. She knows she’s having a girl this time — her third as well. I don’t know the gender of ours even though I suspect it’s a boy. In the photo her bump is high in her belly where my bump is way low. But as I compare my photo with my other kids — my bump looks more like it did with Brianna than it did with Jeremy. She was low. He was higher. Funny. So even though I’ll be shocked if it’s a girl — it very well could be.

Oh and I think we picked a name if it is a boy. And it IS one of the names mentioned in this post. So somebody is going to win a $50.00 donation to the charity of their choice. Is it you?? You’ll find out in a few weeks. Fun fun fun!!!

My kids have been sick for 3 weeks off and on. Most recently Brianna got hit hard with something as she was recovering from the other thing. Guess who has it now? You got it — I cannot take anything for it though so please say a prayer that I’ll get well soon. Few things drag a Mommy down more than being sick, tired, and heavily pregnant all at once. Jeepers!!


6 Responses to “So When are You Due?”

  1. Hey Heidi! I know I probably shouldn’t say this but maybe your baby will be early (or maybe you miscalculated like my bride and I think we did for our 2nd) and he will come on December 25. You can then name him Jesus (hay-zooz) and I will win the donation. πŸ™‚ Then again, maybe you will have the 1st baby of 2009 and win all kinds of free stuff and you can call him “newbie” or ‘freebie” and I will still win that donation. In all seriousness, I do pray that you have a safe and complete pregnancy. I can’t wait to hear the baby (with my name of course)

  2. Oops “heart the baby” If I can hear him from here you are in deep horse doo-doo. πŸ™‚

  3. So appropriate to wear a red and white shirt yesterday–since Alabama is now ranked #1 in the nation!

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Bill: Jeremy was a schedule “C” just like Brianna. He had other plans. He was due April 11th. His “C” was scheduled for April 4th. I went into labor March 27th. The only thing I scolded him for was that he gave himself an Aquamarine birthstone rather than a Diamond. I don’t want a Christmas baby, but I’ll take a New Years one. Of course, if he/she comes end of December that means a tax deduction for 2008. Hmmm… And Jesus for a boy’s name? Uhhhh. Well. Ummm. NO!! πŸ˜‰

    Steve: Enjoy it while you can. πŸ™‚


  5. I have at least until Saturday at 2:29 PM…

  6. Lauren Says:

    You look gorgeous girl!!

    Ah, I remember getting all the comments. “Are you having twins? Triplets?” and I would reply no and of course they would tell me that I, my doctors and my 9 ultrasounds were all wrong.

    With my babies I got bigger and bigger, sooner and sooner!

    I can’t wait to see your little January baby!
    Although the tax deduction thing does sound good!

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