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Search Me November 4, 2008

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So that I don’t have to think much, here is another post about what searches come in to my bloggy world.

~ Literally thousands of “tattoo” variations. I see so much tattoo activity on here that it would take forever to address each one. Mine still looks awesome. I am still happy I got it. Even though it’s been suntanned a few times I have taken measures to try and keep it nice. I can see a couple of places where it needs filled in better, but I can’t address them now since I’m pregnant. It will have to wait until I am done breastfeeding, actually. Can’t have ink passing into breast milk now can we? Nah. But I fully intend on having my ankle tattoo (flower) redone, getting a butterfly tattoo like my grandma had, and then having this baby one filled in better in a few spots. I like tattoos. I want more. I have to watch my husband’s reaction though. He suggested getting the butterfly on my leg near the flower. That’s not where I wanted it, but maybe I should consider, even though he hasn’t said so, that maybe he’s not as an “enthusiast” as I am?? We need to talk about this more. But good luck to anyone deciding on a tattoo for any reason. Just be sure you put a lot of thought into it and research your artist/tattoo place.

~ Angry woman. This one makes me laugh every time I see it. Yes, I can be quite the angry woman. So sue me.

~ Symptoms of a miscarriage. This always breaks me. It’s been nearly a year since we lost our Angel, but I still remember how that felt. My symptoms were 1) loss of all pregnancy symptoms 2) spotting that started brown, turned to pink, then turned to red. I had an ultrasound since I had been spotting off and on. At 6 weeks the baby had a heartbeat. At 8 1/2 weeks it did not. It lay motionless in my womb and to this day I wish I had asked the sonographer for a photo. I would have framed it. Still makes me sob. Instead I got a tattoo. I also got a Christmas ornament to put on the tree of an angel holding a crystal. We lost our baby December 11, 2007. The only thing that really comforts me now is that if I hadn’t lost that child I would not have the baby that is doing bladder gymnastics right now inside my tum. I am in my 7th month of pregnancy. This has been what has healed me — my 4th baby on its way into our family. I am past all the bad things — this is a viable pregnancy. If my baby were born today, he or she would most likely survive. Thank You Jesus!! Anyway, other symptoms are cramps (worse than a period), heavy bleeding, and blood clots.

~ Wow Wow Wubbzy gay. A little homophobic? Wubbzy is a character meant to emulate a young boy. His friends are Walden (a genius) and Widget (a girl who likes to build things — a tool belt Diva if you will). I understand though. I won’t let my kids watch the Doodlebops because I can’t stand the two male characters — esp the blue one. They are too feminine for my taste. My husband feels that way about The Wiggles even though I’ve assured him that all but 1 are married and they are Christians too.

~ Call girl. Uhhh…? This one stumps me, but I guess I should tell you that many of those women are trapped in sex slavery. You ought to really think about what you are doing. I know some of that crap can turn you on, but it’s not real. Behind the scenes those people are trapped in a miserable cycle — even if they aren’t sex slaves. Sex, drugs, depression, suicide, cutting, alcohol, and many more things plague that community. Pray for them.

~ Gummy ants. I’ve never tried an ant. All I can say is don’t eat the red ones. Good luck with that.

~ Try to conceive every day or every other day. Every other day starting on the 7th day of your cycle. Day 1 is the day you start your period. Starting day 7 have sex every other day until you are either pregnant or your next cycle starts. Guaranteed to work in 3 months or less as long as you have no fertility issues. Have fun. Good luck.

~ Mailman, US Mailman, Post Office. These must come in because I think the post office is terrible. Over the past 2 years I have had more trouble with them than any other business. Try getting it resolved. You won’t. Period. They don’t care. Heck, they don’t even have emotions at that place. Robots. They have lost gifts, broken fragile items I’ve ordered, and given me and my family the rotten run-around every single time. If they weren’t the cheapest I’d stop using them. Now I pay not only for the shipping, but for delivery confirmation and insurance. Even with those add ons they are still cheaper than UPS or Fedex.


And since I’ve been tagged for a random things meme I thought I’d go ahead and play along. It’s short and simple and I still don’t have to think much. That’s good considering my headache.

Who tagged me? Click here.

Seven Random Facts About Me:

  1. I hate coconut unless it’s freshly cut right from an actual coconut
  2. I cry when I see the OSU marching band do script Ohio or when I hear them play the OSU fight song
  3. I miss beer
  4. I am sick of the holiday catalogs already yet I can’t stop looking through them
  5. I want to decorate for Christmas now even though that’s utterly ridiculous unless you’re a mall
  6. I need waxed and I’d love to get a pedicure
  7. I miss being in good shape and I cannot wait to get my body back

I’m not tagging anyone. If you want to play along, have at it.

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2 Responses to “Search Me”

  1. Lorna Says:

    Thanks for playing along. I had a hard time finding seven people to tag since I am kind of new to blogger. I don’t even know if I correctly linked the people I tagged. I’ll have to give fresh coconut a try, maybe then I’d like it too. 🙂

  2. candidchatter Says:

    I did it for you sweets — cuz you’re new and all. 😉 I remember liking coconut milk straight from a coconut when I was little. Then I went to dinner at a friend’s house (LB that’s you) and her husband cut one open and they sliced pieces out. I decided to try one. I liked it. Surprise! Try it sometime.

    Off to vote!

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