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I Prayed… November 5, 2008

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For God’s Will to be done.

I voted…

Based on my beliefs.

I will continue to pray…

For the president and our country.

I am passionately…

Against abortion.

I will not apologize…


Because I am not sorry for my passion. Or my voice. Or my choice. Or my beliefs.

I am not sorry that I stood for what I believe and I will keep standing for what I believe no matter who warms the chair in the oval office.

Passion changes things.
Dispassion does nothing.

Passion brings change…
Ask Billy Graham whose passion drives him to crusade for Christ.
Ask Mother Teresa whose passion drove her to care for the discarded human lives in India.
Ask Everett Swanson whose passion for the orphans of the Korean war drove him to start an organization which became Compassion International.
Ask Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife whose passion for the orphans of the world drove them to create Shaohannah’s Hope.
Ask Alex Pachecho and Ingrid Newkirk whose passion for animal rights drove them to found PETA.

Without passion you are lukewarm at best.
Burn with passion.
Stand for something.
Then help to create change.
It all starts with Y-O-U.

What are you
passionate about?


15 Responses to “I Prayed…”

  1. Heidi…this may well be your best post that I’ve ever read!

    Well said…

  2. Cynthia Says:

    I’m 100% with you on this one, Heidi!

  3. Ditto to Steve’s comment Heidi (only he has been reading longer than me). I plan to link to this.

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Thanks you three. I felt it. I still feel it. Passion.


  5. tonyyork Says:

    Love the picture of Mother Theresa…. she knew the secret – it was never about this kingdom, it was always about HIS kingdom.

    God Bless you today.

  6. […] time and the right place.  You will find a very passionate young lady at the other end of this link who wrote one of the best blogs I have read.  I hope you will take the time to read it and comment […]

  7. Will_nottheactor Says:

    My first reaction – Speak It Sister!! Great post!!

    My second thought, immediately after the first – you don’t want to be lukewarm like those in Laodicea! Here is a good, simple explanation of the symbolism used for that church, and why it’s appropriate to your thought.

  8. candidchatter Says:

    Will: You’re a genius. That’s exactly what I was referring to. I dealt with a lot of criticism regarding my “attitude” towards Christian Obama voters in my first 2 abortion posts from last week. Lukewarm Christians scare me. I just finished a study on the book of Revelation. That exact verse rang in my ears every single time I faced yet another criticizer. Thank you for getting inside of my head and “seeing” between the lines. You Da Man!! You got it — spot on — you got it.


  9. Will_nottheactor Says:

    I was gonna say something cute about great minds, but then thought this image was better. LOL!! 😀

  10. jimmy paravane Says:

    Hello from Orange Beach, AL. I love passion! So does your God, apparently. That whole Hot or Cold and spitting out lukewarm thingy comes to mind (grin). I have no problem with people being passionately against Obama’s position on abortion. I have a problem with people condemning Obama for his position on abortion. I think your God does too. I don’t have a problem with discernment and using good judgment to direct passion. Always a good thing! (grin) Let me paraphrase something for ya tho. And don’t take it personally, because I’m “guiltier” of this than all you aliens combined, imho.
    Condemn not, lest ye be condemned. I think that works better than the whole “love the sinner not the sin” thing because sin freaks y’all out no matter how much you want to love the sinner. When you have to look at your own dirt first, and the hope that you won’t be held responsible for it, it makes it easier to look past the dirt of others without that “righteousness” filter getting in the way. (grin)

  11. Will_nottheactor Says:

    Sorry Heidi, this is your blog but I’m jumpin’ in…

    Jimmy, there is a difference between condemn and rebuke. The Bible does tell us not to condemn or judge people – that’s reserved for Him. But it does tell us to rebuke each other if we see them not speaking Truth or not doing what they are supposed to be doing. Paul instructs both Timothy and Titus several times to rebuke their brothers (for example, here, here, and here). God even used a donkey to rebuke Balaam when he wasn’t recognizing God.

    It’s not a holier-than-thou thing, it’s a Truth thing. I believe the Word is God-breathed and I know the Bible also tells us to not be a stumbling block to another believer. So if I see someone doing that, I’ll rebuke them, based on the Word of God, passionately.

  12. Will_nottheactor Says:

    er, passionately.

  13. candidchatter Says:

    Will: By all means, jump in any time. 😉


  14. candidchatter Says:

    Jimmy: Sometimes I wonder if you actually read my blog posts entirely or just pick and choose a sentence here and there and go with it. Sin freaks me out?? Need I remind you who you are talking to here? Miss Imperfect? Miss Struggle? Come on now. I’ve bled online here more than my fair share. What freaks me out is a bunch of people claiming to be Christians yet going about their lives as anything but what they claim to be. Why do you think that we think we are so perfect? You seem to want us to be perfect because you put up this impossible bar and quite frankly I can’t reach it. That’s why I have a need for a Savior — get it now. The bar is too doggone high, dude. Nobody can reach it. Nobody.


  15. Tony York Says:

    I think that I tend to agree with Francis Chan that the ‘lukewarm’ people referred to at the church of Laodicea were not Christians.

    The whole spewing out of His mouth should be pretty indicative that He doesn’t find this group ‘appealing’.

    Basically, my thoughts, those lukewarm were people who had a head knowledge but no heart knowledge… therefore, no relationship. Christ at another point said of certain people that His name was on their lips but He was far from their hearts.

    My feelings on that passage are that there is only one group that are Christians.. those that are hot.

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