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Less Than 3 Minutes November 8, 2008

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Watch this. I loathe the health, wealth, prosperity, name it/claim it gospel that people who call themselves Christians are preaching and teaching. Hate is probably a better word. It’s is a pack of lies. It is wrong. And I am SICK to death of hearing about it.


This is less than 3 minutes long and it ROCKS THE HOUSE!!


7 Responses to “Less Than 3 Minutes”

  1. I just used the devotional I dedicated to you for another blog entry:

    I love this devotional. It fit well with what was on my heart yesterday when I wrote the post.

    You must be feeling like you are ready to pop. When are you due again? Are you at the fork lift stage? I hope you by pass that. With the twins I needed a fork lift and a back how (sp?). šŸ™‚


  2. I just watched the video after leaving my comment above. These guys have done a lot of clean up work on toxic faith:

    I really like their reads. Your video reminded me of them.

    We had a miserable time conceiving the twins. While I know every child is a miracle, they litterally are my two little (now big) miracles. Anywho, in the process of wondering if I would have them, someone said to me, “You are only having a hard time because your faith is not strong enough, and proceeded to tell me about a woman who died of breast cancer only because her faith was not strong enough.” I was already a mess at the time trying to sort that season out for myself so I let it hit me like a ton of bricks vs. dusting it off. Anyway, I learned a lot about Toxic Faith at that time in my life. The point is not that Christianity guarantees us a mountain top experience, the point is He is available to help us in the valleys and celebrate with us on the mountain tops. Bad things happen to good people. Sucks. But, THANK GOD I HAVE HIM!!! I can’t imagine what I would do without.

    I heart your heart.


  3. Matt Says:

    Hey, I happened upon your blog – I liked the video in your last post and your all around message. Keep up the good work.

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Matt: Thanks for happening upon my site. Welcome. Come back any time and thanks for the compliment too. Pretty powerful video, eh?

    Heidi Reed

  5. Ivan Says:

    Excellent video. What on earth is the health wealth and prosperity gospel? (remember I am ignorant Brit. I knew about Andrew Ridgeley though)

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Ivan: I sent you a link from an Apologetics website that explains the “prosperity gospel”.


  7. Will_nottheactor Says:

    Heidi, thanks for this post. Rocks the house, indeed. Very Powerful stuff, and I agree that the name it/claim it “preachers” are diverting folks from the REAL Truth, and it breaks my heart. The desperate will cling to ANYTHING that gives hope, like a drowning person clinging to anything floating by, it it will keep them alfoat. As Piper said, this is a form of idolatry – “Which god will give me more? I’ll choose that one.”

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