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Dear Starbucks November 13, 2008

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I have such memories of you, Starbucks. You picked me up when my kids were determined to drag me down. All night they would scream and cry when they were babies. You were there for me every morning. You didn’t care if I had forgotten to brush my teeth. You never mentioned the disarray of my appearance. You just made me warm all over. You gave me the spring I was missing in my step. What a pal you’ve been.

But, Starbucks, I have to tell you something. Please. Please sit down. Eh hem.

You’re fired.

No, no, no don’t get upset. It’s not you. It’s me. Really. You didn’t do anything wrong. Your venti pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream on top is the tastiest coffee treat this side of heaven. Heck, it might even be a drop of heaven in a cup. All steamy warm and delicious. Your chai tea lattes are even better. There is no word worthy enough to describe their sweet and spicy greatness. I heart you. I truly do.

But here’s the thing.

There are these kids that live thousands of miles from you and me. You see, they have no shoes. For what it costs me to sip your flavory wonders I could buy them 2 pairs of shoes. Yes. I know. See I told you it’s not you. You are fantabulous.

But you’re fired.

At least for a little while.

There will be others. Yes, Starbucks, there will be plenty of women who will replace me. Some are giving birth right now as we speak. Hundreds of them. Thousands even. You’ll forget me soon enough.

Good bye Starbucks. I heart you too.


So how will
you spend your
5 bux today?
How about like this


7 Responses to “Dear Starbucks”

  1. mommato3blessings Says:

    I must admit, I will have a Starbucks coffee today. I can not help myself. Now in my defense, I bought 8 pairs of shoes a couple days ago. I am just hopelessly addicted.

  2. tonyyork Says:

    Wouldn’t you know it. The first morning in about a year, I think, that I have stopped into the Starbucks downstairs to get a coffee and a danish, you go and post this. Coincidence, I ask? I think not.. you are spying on me!! 😉

    C,mon people… lets buy some shoes!!

  3. Heidi…whew…I’m safe…Don’t like Starbucks…too bigga bucks for me! Plus, I don’t like the taste…okay, there, I said it…I don’t like the taste of starbucks coffee…it’s too strong, way too strong for me…I don’t even like the smell of starbucks coffee…

    Next guilt trip topic?

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Mel: Thank you for giving too! You gave a really big donation and that’s awesome!! Enjoy your Starbucks. 🙂

    Tony: You figured me out. I really do have all those eyes I tell my children that I have. I see it all, man.

    Steve: You already support S4S. You needn’t feel guilty even a little bit.

    Actually this wasn’t a guilt trip — or it wasn’t meant to be. It is a reminder.

    Thank you to everyone who has donated and who is trying to get the word out there about this challenge.


  5. Will_nottheactor Says:

    It’s the practical application of the “sea of nickels” theory. By itself, a nickel does not make a significant financial impact to pretty much anything. But when you have a sea of nickels, it’s quite a different picture, a whole new order of magnitude on the “impact” scale.

    Great to see it in action!!

  6. daphne Says:

    I am not a Starbucks fan. We have CC’s here which is local and I just like it better.
    Also, I have heard mixed reports on whether Starbucks is fair trade or not. I am too lazy to confirm or deny this rumer.

    As a coffee lover, I invested in a refurburshed pot that grinds the beans and then brews all in one. As a treat or gift to myself, I sometimes splurge on this brand that has a killer pumpkin and then a blueberry to die for.

    It saves money for me to brew at home and the environment because I am not using the cups, lids and holders, etc.

    The CCs is sold in most local stores here and the way I learned which green mountain flavors I liked best was when my love gave me the coffee of the month club for my birthday or something. One of the best gifts EVER. Both brands sell grounds for those who do not have the grinder like I do.

    Just a little money saving coffee idea or two so your money can buy something better. ; )
    Grace & Peace, daphne

  7. candidchatter Says:

    My friend of awesomeness gave me a $20 donation today in person. Thank you JB!!!!!!!!! *muah* << that’s a kiss!


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