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Hypo vs. Hyper November 13, 2008

Gestational Diabetes is nothing to mess around with. I’m sure any form of Diabetes is dangerous when the Diabetic ignores his or her diagnosis and diet. Right now, as I type this, I have gone hypoglycemic. It is a terrible feeling. Since I have started diabetic meds it is important that I eat regularly, including snacks, throughout the day.

I got home from picking up Brianna and within minutes I was shaking and dizzy. Uh oh. I took out the glucose meter to check my blood glucose levels. Before I left to go get her it was 99. That’s a check 2 hours after breakfast and it’s a good number. Just an hour later it was all the way down to 68. Not good. Hypoglycemia starts at 70 for a diabetic. I knew something wasn’t right.

Immediately I popped open the jar of mixed nuts and started munching. Then I got the strawberry yogurt out of the fridge and slurped it down as fast as I could. I’ll recheck my sugar levels in 5 minutes. If they’re still too low I’ll eat an apple or maybe a peanut butter cookie. I don’t want to spike it, but I also need to get a bit above 70.

It happens fast. If hypoglycemia is left unchecked a diabetic person can lose consciousness. That’s not in the mix for me. Who would help? It is important that I am aware of the signs at all times.

Hyperglycemia is a bit more dangerous as I understand it. This is what fits me in the category of Gestational Diabetic. When I don’t eat right and take meds my blood sugars are elevated. Two hours after each meal my magic number needs to be below 120. If I have 2 slices of pepperoni pizza, for example, my number is usually around 175 as a diabetic. That’s a major no-no. Pasta, potato, rice, anything high in carbs or white flour or sugar will all make my numbers escalate.

The problem with this, besides the dangers to my health, is that it could affect the unborn baby in one way or another. The most obvious is high birth weight. The other problems that are much more serious are low blood sugar in newborn infant, trouble breathing, and still birth.

So it’s a bit complicated and takes some getting used to. I don’t like checking my blood levels 4+ times a day. It hurts and it’s inconvenient. I’d rather eat a baked potato with my steak rather than a side of broccoli. I want the occasional sweet treat.

It’s not just my good health that is a concern. When the health of another person depends on you and what you eat and how you monitor “things” then a new determination surfaces and you gain a self-control you may not have realized you have.

Strangely, I’m sort of thankful I’ve had this disease 3 times now. I have learned so much about how the body uses food for fuel that the transition from being a pregnant diabetic to a non-pregnant woman who needs to lose 50+ pounds is smooth. This is why I love the South Beach diet. Its menu is centered around the glycemic index — a very important tool for a diabetic.

My number after all of that drama is 91. The nuts and yogurt worked like a charm and I feel back to normal now. Off to eat lunch — a healthy one of course.


8 Responses to “Hypo vs. Hyper”

  1. Will_nottheactor Says:

    So does “Heidi” really mean “drama abounds”???

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Some would say “yes” to that Will.

    I’ll just say that my daughter gets her dramatic side honestly.


  3. You take care of yourself heidi. i want to hear of healthy mom and baby. i was gone all week to a conference. Bet you missed me! πŸ™‚ Oh yeah: my guess is Dennis Rodman.

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Bill: Thanks and I will. Both of my kids were under 8 lbs when born. The docs all predicted Brianna would be 9+ lbs. I proved them wrong. I did everything to the letter with her — no cheating. I even asked my nurse practitioner if I could eat a piece of cake at my baby shower. I was rigid. With Jeremy I learned I could splurge every now and again — he was born in March so I had to endure the holidays as a diabetic with him too. Still under 8 lbs. This one was showing signs of being on the larger side. It is estimated that it is already 4 lbs and I have 8 weeks to go. We’ll see. Their estimates seem inaccurate in my experience. But my husband was 11 lbs when he was born. I was under 6 lbs. It could go either way just based on genetics. I am doing great though. Numbers are good and sugars are under control. I did miss you, but caught up w/you on your blog. You’re funny guessing Dennis Rodman now. Ha!! That made me laugh. Welcome home.


  5. Heidi…Bill is always a day late and a dollar short! And, I think Bill really wants to be me! That’s why he guessed Dennis Rodman! He gets no recognition, donation made in his name…and no signed basketball…to the victor goes the spoils!

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: I am seeing a side of you here that stuns me silent. You are selfish. LOL!! By the way, you are no longer allowed to NOT blog because it causes me to worry about you and stuff. Anyway, I understand your unplug rule now, but I’ll have you know I was praying my head off for you this morning. What a relief to see your comment and that you’re all normal and not suffering another heart attack. Grrr!


  7. Ok Steve: meet me in the ring. Gloves are off. Take advantage of a man when he is away. Another contest Heidi!! πŸ™‚

  8. candidchatter Says:

    LOL — that’s it, Bill, pick on the guy who just had a heart attack. I see how you are!!



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