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Summer Gets It November 17, 2008

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I took the kids to the playground today. We have a favorite one in a really cool neighborhood that we frequent. I waddled over to the swings and began my exercises of the day pushing both kids on two different swings. Don’t think that’s exercise? Try it. Now try it with a bowling ball strapped to your stomach. I dare ya!

Anyway. There was a darling young woman pushing her daughter next to us. She asked me the typical “when are you due” question. I told her “in 8 more weeks… January”. Not one ounce of shock or judgment on her pretty face. I instantly liked her. She replied “awww, I just love pregnant women — I loved being pregnant — well, that is, until the end”. I was all shocked and dramatic making faces and laughing because pregnancy is not something I enjoy except for the fetal movement. I said “well this is the end pretty much — third trimester and all”. She grinned. Lovely gal. Just lovely.

{Pause for a note to my friend LB: she reminded me of you — she had your personality to a “T”}

The kids did their normal round-the-playground routine. I followed as closely as my short little legs could manage. Rock wall, rings, slide, bridge, stairs, “watch this mom”, “see what I can do mom”, hang from bars, try to climb palm tree, throw mulch, find shells, back to the swings, etc. Fun for them and exhausting for me. Huff Puff Huff Puff.

Mrs. Personality came back over to the swings when we were there for our 2nd go. She talked about wanting a 3rd child too and how ready she is to start trying. I guess her husband is resisting. I told her mine did too (someday I’ll tell the whole story — still not ready yet). She said she wasn’t sure how hard to fight for it. I told her “some things are worth fighting for”. She smiled sweetly.

Jeremy called from across the playground wanting my help. She offered to go get him off the ladder and I scooted over to push her little girl on the swing. Brianna was going pretty high so she didn’t protest. We thanked one another and kept chit-chatting. Turns out we had a few things in common regarding our opinions of our city and a snooty neighborhood we both used to live in. We had a couple laughs.

After a bit she decided to go home to get lunch for her two girls. She was there with a friend who was also pregnant and looking very tired of chasing her little one. I understood. So we said goodbye and “nice chatting with you” and she wished me luck with the yet unborn wee one. I thanked her and she left.

Have you ever met someone completely out of nowhere and wanted to be friends?

Two things that left a happy feeling in my heart.
1. She mentioned she goes to church and works in the nursery — this makes me happy because it could very well mean she’s a born-again Christian which means even if I don’t see her again in this life, I’ll surely look her up in the next.
2. She put the word community into action — this is what we are missing in our society. She’s the link.

Her name is Summer. And Summer, by golly, you get it. You are the “it” chick. Not because you’re pretty. Not because you live in a nice neighborhood. Not because you have a cool hairstyle and cool sunglasses. No. It’s because you are friendly — genuinely friendly — and you love to laugh and you ooze joy. I can imagine when your husband kisses you good night he pinches himself he’s so lucky. I’ll bet he knows the blessing you are in his life. I hope your daughters grow up to be just like you.

And I would love to be your friend. Just not sure we’ll ever meet again. But if we do…
Well, I’ll see what God has in mind.

You’re the real deal, Summer. So many people could take a lesson from you. Too many.

And — I cannot believe you liked being pregnant. I happen to believe you have forgotten a lot.


7 Responses to “Summer Gets It”

  1. Very few moments in life come along like this–friendships out of nowhere. God has a great way of placing such people in our life for times like this…glad you had a wonderful encounter…and may she pop back into your life again…before heaven!

  2. Lorna Says:

    What a sweet blog. I can feel the moment. I am one who also loved being pregnant. And my husband wasn’t exaclty thrilled about having another child ten years after our first (we were half through raising our son). I on the other had knew what a gift my second child was especially after having a molar pregnancy just six months before and being told by my doctor if there wasn’t a baby in there, I’d be looking at chemo. My doctor was not happy with me at all. I wasn’t supposed to try and get pregnant for a year after the molar pregnancy. We call her sunshine girl becuase that’s what she has brought into our lives.

    Anyway, I’ve met plenty of people that I instantly connect with. I’m one of those people that has one of those faces that people are always saying “haven’t I met you somewhere before”? That usually is a good conversation starter.

    Truly enjoyed this read today. 🙂

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: Thanks… what a sweet comment.

    Lorna: I’m sorry about your molar pg ordeal. How heartbreaking. I’m glad you have your “sunshine girl”. That’s awesome! I’ll tell the story of my battle over a 3rd soon. I have to prepare mentally for it plus talk to Rich about it since he sometimes gets sensitive about what I share on here that has to do with him. Soon though. It needs to be said. Anyway, thanks for being a reader (and commenter).


  4. tonyyork Says:

    My wife loved being pregnant. I think she would be all too happy to go through all the mess that is pregnancy to experience that little life moving around inside of her. As a man, I can’t imagine what that is like but I am sure it is awe inspiring to know that God has been at work inside of your womb forming and directing this life that will soon be in your arms.

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Tony: It is incredible. I tell Rich all the time that i don’t mind being awakened for an hour in the middle of the night while the baby does womb gymnastics. This is my last pregnancy and I’m trying like heck to savor the precious moments of baby movement. It cannot be described — like being saved cannot be described. We are so lucky, as childbearing women, that we get to experience all of this mommy stuff way before the baby is born. It truly is a miracle and amazing and awesome. Truly. I could do w/out the rest of it, but is it worth it? Totally 100% times 100% and into infinity — it’s worth it.


  6. Can’t speak for the being pregnant part but can speak about that “soul connection” you have with someone. I met someone in college who was a transfer. I was nice to him and sit and chatted with him about stuff. He thanked me for not being like the rest of the basketball players. We are best friends still today…38 years later. Yep, with some people it just clicks. I hope you get to see her again Heidi. Maybe community can really happen again for both of you. And who know? You may have been what she was looking for today…at that moment.

  7. candidchatter Says:

    Bill: Rich came home from church one day and told me he had seen a girl he went to high school with. He told me her name, told me she worked in the toddler room, and asked me if I’d met her yet (at the time I also worked in the toddler room). I said “no”. I was curious about her for a second. Then I forgot. The next weekend he introduced us. Now we live on the same street and our kids all play together and we are pregnant with our 3rd’s together (due in the same month) and I happen to think we’ll be friends forever — even into eternity b/c she is a believer too. We had an instant connection. I mean INSTANT. I love her like I’ve known her all my life. That first “instant connection” I felt with Summer too. She was easy to talk to like I had known her for years. So I really do hope I see her again. After writing all this — not that she’ll ever read it — she’d think I’m a desperate stalker though. LOL!! But with some people you just get that “I want to be friends with you” feeling right away. Neat, huh?


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