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Yawn November 17, 2008

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So I’m babysitting right now. All of the kids are asleep (my two and her one). I want to be asleep too. Blah!

However, here I am at my friend’s computer trying to get sleepy and it isn’t working. I yawn, but I can’t sleep. I even watched a couple of boring TV shows and that didn’t work either.

So I heard on the radio this morning “things men over 25 should not have”. LOL! Some were funny: comic books, a teddy bear, action figures. I had a chuckle or two. Then I thought of “things women over 25 should not have“. Ready? You can add your own or argue my list. Gosh I hope this makes me tired.

  1. Sparkle or glitter make-up
  2. Sparkle or glitter nail polish
  3. Overalls (I am wearing some right now, but seriously I knew I’d be babysitting today)
  4. Scrunchies for our hair (also guilty of this one today since I’m babysitting)
  5. A mood ring
  6. Any Disney character clothing or accessories
  7. Dolls or stuffed animals
  8. Anything hanging from your rearview mirror — esp if you drive a minivan
  9. A mini skirt (this might be for anyone over 30 — I’ll give you 5 extra years to ween yourself)
  10. Pigtails or a side ponytail

So have at it.
Be funny.
Argue if you want.
Let’s have fun!


14 Responses to “Yawn”

  1. sjcall Says:

    I will argue the stuffed animal one – only because I have one that was made out of a skirt that my grandma wore all the time and when she died I had the skirt made into a bear so I always had a “piece” of her. Will be doing the same for my daddy soon – except his will have a cool pair of pants and a leather vest to go along with – he was a hip biker dude 🙂

    But I 2nd the Disney character clothing, but will add further,
    any clothing with animals on it (puppies, etc.)

    What a fun list!!!

  2. wbppsh7 Says:

    Hey!!! I only wore the mini for Halloween!!! It kind of made the outfit! I don’t wear them normally!!!!! (tee hee, just thought I would give you grief for that……..just b/c). I would have to agree with the glittery items though – we might have to push that into purses and things of that nature too!

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Jen: That’s totally different. I mean like a Cabbage Patch doll or Care Bears. LOL about the animal clothing. That’s too funny. I agree with you on that one for sure esp if it’s all pastel and granny looking with like a sewn in polo shirt collar. ROFL! Or if it has an airbrushed picture of your dog with “Fido” underneath. Oh girl you got me going now. 😀

    Ali: Uhhh… no getting rid of glitz on purses now. LOL! I have a couple that sparkle and I love them. Guess I’m a geek. The truth comes out. A’course you knew that all along. 😉


  4. I knew a woman who once wore New Kids on the Block stuff. She was a mom with 2 kids and was close to 35 or 40. So I would go on to say any teeny bopper clothing (Hannah Montana, NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, etc). makes me want to say “Grow up.” Now if she wants to wear a Led Zep or some more grown up shirt 🙂 then that is ok.

    I would also add any vulgar “t” fits that as well.

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Bill: Yes!!!!! None of that. Or how about the woman who carries a Coach bag, wears a Coach hat, Coach shoes, a Coach belt and they are all the signature Coach line with “C” all over them. Pick one — wear it — don’t go all out as a billboard for Coach esp since I KNOW they aren’t paying you. Ha!! And vulgar T-shirts for both genders — after age 21 those ought to be burned. I see lots of 30ish guys with that junk on. At WalMart (the best place to people watch) I saw a woman with triple Z boobs pouring out of her spaghetti strapped tank top and the “message” on her shirt was “Yes, I really AM all that”. I almost shot water through my nose I was laughing so hard. Tears down my face. Oh My Heck no she DID not. ROFL!!


  6. Heidi…if you are ever having trouble sleeping, just read either my blog or Bill’s…that’s been known to work for dozens of people…

    As far as your list…how about adding shirts that don’t cover the stomach area? The old “Brittney Spears” look–that might be fine on a 17 year old, but after a certain age, and the stomach is flopping out, too much…

    Also, hair down to your butt…get a haircut already!

    How about fuzzy animal slippers that are worn around the house…that might be fine at a sleepover, when you are 10, or I’ll even give you until college, but once married, ditch the fuzzy slippers…

    One more? Talking like you are 16. Drop the BFF stuff…cute, but really, can’t we use complete sentences?

    Okay, I’m done for now. Especially since I have offended half the women reading your blog!

  7. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: ROFL!! There is nothing like postpartum belly all pushed up by hip hugger jeans and shown off by a midriff shirt. That makes me gag on my breakfast. Slippers. LOL! I wear the most comfy slippers in the universe when it’s chilly down here. They are fuzzy, but they aren’t animal — does that mean I’m safe? 😉 I have an entire post on the way we talk once we’re over 30. I’ll save all my comment regarding that for later.


  8. tonyyork Says:

    I would say that women over 25 should not have teen-aged boyfriends. Just sayin…

  9. mommato3blessings Says:

    Excellent point, Tony!
    Steve, you did not offend this woman, lol. I wholeheartedly agree with your list!

    I was going to address the low rise jeans. OY. I do NOT wish to see your thong hanging out the back of your pants. I don’t care if you have a flat tummy and skinny hips, that does not give you a license to wear jeans that are that low. And if you do, for goodness sake, please be sure your shirt reaches your waistband at least! I don’t like tummy hanging out on anyone- muffin top of washboard abs, 16 25 or 35 years old….NEVER in my opinion is it appropriate in public unless you are in a bathing suit.


  10. candidchatter Says:

    Tony: LOL – amen!!

    Mel: “muffin top” ROFL!!! 😀 And another amen to the thong hanging out the pants. How about if you’re going to wear low rise jeans/pants you make sure you don’t sit or bend because I also don’t want to see your butt crack no matter what kind of undies you are wearing (or not wearing). Ha!!


  11. tonyyork Says:

    This is a fun post.

    I am intrigued that women see a difference in a two piece bathing suit and undies….. let you in on a secret – the men I know don’t see the difference (or is it ‘care about the difference’?)

  12. candidchatter Says:

    Tony: I’ve wondered that at times. I’m far from bikini body and doubt I’ll ever be there again w/out some major $$$ for some major surgery. Ha!! But even anything clingy or low-cut or peek-a-boo must give you guys enough to go on. Right? I’ve read Deadly Viper and Ragamuffin Soul and Flowerdust when they’ve addressed those topics. Men are easily (EASILY) put in all I can think about is sex mode. Right?


  13. tonyyork Says:

    Heidi: Exactly. Women should consider that when they make wardrobe choices. I know the usual comeback is “Well that’s the mans fault he can’t control his thoughts.”

    My come back…. “Is it?”

    Do you put a full glass of cold beer in front of an alcoholic and not expect him/her to be tempted and easily swayed? I bet probably not…

    Some ladies will say.. “but I like what I wear because its just so gosh-darn cute.”

    And the men will say – “Yes it is.” But not in the way you are thinking.

    Lots of good books out there on how men and women are different. Mark Driscoll just did a sermon on “The Dance of Mahanaim” from the Songs of Solomon. Its worth a watch at or .org.. I think Cycle Guy(Bill) has him linked in his Blog Roll.

    Look at me just typing and typing. I better stop.

  14. candidchatter Says:

    Hmmm. I feel a blog post forming here. 😉


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