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Service November 20, 2008

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Grab Back.

I have had the worst lower back pain. This is day four. It is most difficult to drive. The position my body is in when I’m driving aggravates whatever is wrong with me in the worst way. Getting out of my van is a slow and laborious endeavor. Sweet torture.

Yesterday I had to drive a lot. Brianna had to be dropped off and picked up from preschool. I had a doctor’s appointment and then needed to get groceries. I even spent an extra who knows how much to go to the grocery store with full service because I desperately needed someone else to push my cart to the car and put my groceries in the back. What I wouldn’t have done to have that young man also unload my car when I got home and neatly put all of my groceries away in my kitchen. Ha!

My mother-in-law babysat while I was gone. Usually when she babysits she allows the kids to do whatever they want. One day I came home to both kids covered in Vaseline because she let them play in it. “Well they wanted to” she told me with a smile. I’ve come home to a house strewn with toys from the front door to the back door and every other door as well. She has forgotten to feed them lunch and when she remembered she has fed them nothing but junk (cookies, salty snacks, and candy — whatever they wanted she gave them). She won’t put them down for a nap because she hates to hear them cry. I usually get all irritated, but I keep it inside because, the truth is, my kids LOVE IT when their grandma comes over. I can see why. And they really superly do. They have a blast!!

Yesterday I was prepared for the worst. I was actually feeling bad for my husband because with my back being out he would have to come home from work and clean up whatever mess had been made. I cannot bend over without seering pain shooting through my lower back. I’m pretty tough with pain, but this is kicking my butt.

I walked in and didn’t hear toys collecting behind the door as I opened it. Relief. I walked through the play room without stepping on anything. I got to the kitchen and there wasn’t a dish in the sink or on the counter. My stovetop was clean and so were my counters. Wow! I heard the washer and dryer going in the laundry room next to the kitchen and I poked my head in there. I startled my mother-in-law who was just about to bend over and open the dryer.

Holy smokes!! She did not!!

Yes she did!!

She did ALL of my laundry. All of it. I haven’t been able to for 4 days because of my back. It was starting to pile up all over the house — bedrooms, laundry room, bathrooms — and there was nothing I could do about it. She recognized that and hopped to it. Done.

And you know what — she also did it all RIGHT!

You know how sometimes people will try to help you out and end up just making more work for you? Ok, maybe that’s just my perfectionism shining through. Maybe that’s not a normal thing. I am the type A of person who would rather do it myself (so it’s done the way I want it done) than ask for help. Perfectionist. It’s an illness really. I probably should seek help for my disorder.


I was so happy. I wanted to jump and hug and “whoop whoop” for joy. If my back hadn’t been screaming for some really strong pain meds (which I cannot have right now) I would have done a flip. And yes, my friends, I really CAN do a flip. A real one. But not right now. No way no how.

Isn’t that some love? She saw my need and didn’t even ask me if I wanted her help (because I would have said no anyway and she knows that). She just took care of business.

The kids both got naps too and they both ate good food (mac-n-cheese) and they were both happy and smiling when I came home.

It was wonderful. I couldn’t thank her enough.

Any random acts
of kindness that
have been done to
you recently?
Do share.


5 Responses to “Service”

  1. looks like a slow week of random acts of kindness amongst your blog followers…now, if you mother-in-law would like to come and pay us a visit…I could write about her kindness!!!

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: I was thinking either nobody is experiencing random acts of kindness being showered upon them or it’s a really slow day. It’s not a slow day as far as my stats counter goes, but maybe the 5% of readers who actually comment are busy. Off to make organic frozen pizza for the kids. Doesn’t sound good, but it looks fantastic. We’ll see.


  3. Will_nottheactor Says:

    A- I have had perpetual back issues for the last 8 years, which have included a herniated disk, same one twice, the second time requiring surgery. I can empathize, and draw out and give a technical explanation “why” you’re having the pain, shooting down your legs. After holding the doctors model of the spine, and hearing the explanation, well, you get it. I can truly empathize with you, but be sure to use a pillow between your knees when you sleep on your side, or under them on your back – it will relieve some of the pressure. **praying for your relief for these next few weeks** Be careful, you don’t want to herniate the already aggravated disc in your current state.

    B – Isn’t it great when an outlaw becomes an in-law? Will Smith (the actor) was in Dallas a couple days ago for the premier of his new movie (great, more new jokes), and to help the North Texas Food Bank, but in his “speech” he really pleaded with the crowd to be on the lookout for people needing random acts bestowed upon them – borrowing your cell phone, or picking up something they dropped – little things that can mean the world to them when they need it.

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Will: I used to be a gymnast. I think it’s related to that. When I’m in good shape I don’t go through this though. Wonder why? Not that I’m complaining. It’s horrible. Thank you for the prayers — that is really nice of you. I use a pillow between my legs that is actually made to wrap around my whole body so it supports my back as well. I slept pretty good last night so I am hoping that means I’ll be fine by the weekend and our hour and a half trip up north for a birthday party on Sunday. Ugh!! I hope what the actor WS said makes a difference. It’s so nice to do and receive those kinds of things. Really really really nice.

    Have a great nite.


  5. The greatest act of kindness I’ve experienced in a long time was on October 13–the day of my heart attack. Evan, my 9-month old, was with me, we were alone! If anybody wants to read the story, they can go back to my site and read it. Let’s just say, that an Urgent Care nurse gave me the greatest gift ever–she kept my son after the ambulance left, taking me to the hospital, until my wife could get there to pick him up!

    I don’t think anyone will “top” that!!!!

    I know I’ll never forget it!

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