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Unplugged November 21, 2008

Filed under: Life... The Way I See It — candidchatter @ 5:47 am


Today, tomorrow, and Sunday I am unplugging. I will not be blogging, checking blogs, e-mailing, or checking e-mails. I will not use Facebook. I will not even boot up my computer.

I am not scheduling posts so this is it until Monday.

If you need to reach me, call me.

When I return I will start fresh — no playing catch up.

Unplug for a few days. I’m sure nobody will miss us for one second.

Wanna try it?
Unplug this weekend.


6 Responses to “Unplugged”

  1. mommato3blessings Says:

    Ok, I know you totally won’t get this until Monday since you’re unplugged…..but how on earth can you be on Facebook and I didn’t know it?!?!?! How are we not friends there? Find me- my name is listed as my first and last with my maiden name in the middle- that’s Arnold.


  2. I agree with 2blessings…why didn’t you tell us about being on Facebook…and here I thought I was special to you!

    Have a good unplugged weekend!

  3. Will "not the actor" Smith Says:

    Totally not true – you will be missed.

    But I hope your family enjoyed the quality time and that you got some rest.

    sometimes, our desire to “connect” to our friends and family via computer grabs hold of us, like a strong electric shock, and won’t let us go. It sometimes takes an external force to knock us free.

  4. Great idea. Have a great break!

  5. debateur Says:

    Enjoy your break. I’ll miss ya.

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Here’s the Facebook deal. If you are female, I can be your Facebook friend. But Rich and I have this agreement that we don’t Facebook anyone of the opposite gender UNLESS that person is a family member or a well known face-to-face friend that BOTH of us are familiar with. Facebook caused a HUGE stink with us about 3 months ago. Blogs are different b/c either one of us, at any time, can see what is being written and discussed. Facebook has passwords and so on. So, Mel, we can be FB friends. Steve, we can’t. I’m sure you understand. 🙂

    Will: I have found over the years as my family grows that it’s easier for me to communicate online rather than on the phone. It’s more convenient and fits my schedule. Phone calls can sometimes interrupt dinner, play time, down time, etc. I love the online community despite naysayers. But the break from the computer was really nice too.

    Thanks everyone for commenting while I was gone. I’m back now, but entirely needed the ‘break’.


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