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Nine Years Later November 29, 2008

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Today my youngest sister is getting married. I could not make it to the wedding.

Today is my 9th wedding anniversary.

We will share anniversaries.

I love it!

Nine years later I have been so blessed.


Brianna is 4


Jeremy is 2 1/2


Baby will be here in just a few weeks
(picture is of me)

Thank you, Rich, for asking me to be your wife.
I love you.
You have blessed my life in ways I cannot describe.
Happy Anniversary!

And, Katie, my beautiful little sister…
May you be even more blessed than I.

You will be on my mind all day.
You’re awesome
I love you!!


8 Responses to “Nine Years Later”

  1. Well…Heidi…you and I almost share anniversaries…Tonya and I will celebrate our anniversary tomorrow!

    The Saturday after Thanksgiving must have been a popular weekend!

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. debateur Says:

    Congradulations on your anniversary.

  3. Lana Says:

    I didn’t know until now.
    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Congrats to you and Rich Heidi. Amazing what comes when God brings two people together. Great pictures of the children also. Blessings on you two… okay you four, and soon to be you five. đŸ™‚

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Thank you!! We had a wonderful day!!


  6. Joe Blackmon Says:


    My wife and I celebrated 12 years today. I think she deserves an award or a parade or something for putting up with me that long. Haa

  7. candidchatter Says:

    Happy Anniversary —
    to Mel & Eric — 10 yrs Friday
    to Steve & Tonya — today
    to Joe & wife — 12 yrs today

    November is a great month to get hitched!


  8. […] Steve and Heidi celebrated anniversaries. Congrats to both of […]

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