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The Award Ceremony of Award Ceremonies December 3, 2008

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And the winner is….!!!

You are formally invited to Candid Chatter’s first and only award ceremony. I hope you wore your finest slippers and jammies for this red carpet event because it begins exactly now.

Hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen. You are about to come in contact with the greatest blogs on the Internet. Pay attention. Take notes. No gum popping or ice crunching in this auditorium please. Let’s get started.


The first official award ceremony of Candid Chatter presents the nifty little award thingy for your nifty little (or big) blog. Copy this nifty little thingy onto your site and brag about your awesomeness.

I heart your blog.


  • Steve wins an award for being the biggest referrer of ALL TIME. With over 700 referrals to my blog, Steve, I heart you! Grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Bill wins an award for being the biggest referrer in THE LAST 30 DAYS. With almost 100 referrals to my blog, Bill, I heart you! Grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Holly wins an award for being my FLESH and BLOOD. With that kind of connection, Holly, I heart you. Go grab yourself an award, my sister. Actually, if it wasn’t for Holly I wouldn’t be blogging. You get yourself TWO awards, my dear. How’s that for lovin??!!
  • Melanie wins an award for being the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER who visits my blog. You have talent, girl. Go grab yourself an award, my friend. I heart your work!!
  • Akismet wins an award for PROTECTING MY BLOG against almost 1200 pieces of spam comments. They were unable to attend the ceremony so they’ll get their award in the mail. Thank you Akismet.
  • Lana and Janean each win awards for READING MY BLOG and not having one of their own. I heart you and I would heart your blogs if you had them. Just imagine your award perched on your very own blog page, girls. Makes ya want to start a blog now doesn’t it? Congratulations!
  • Jen wins an award for having the CUTEST FAMILY blog and the BIGGEST HEART in the blogosphere. I heart your family and your blog. I heart your heart, my friend. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Tausha wins an award for being the MOST CREATIVE lady online. Your ideas are adorable. Go grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Roxanne wins an award for THINKING I’M FUNNY. Thank you for making me feel special, girlie. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Daphne wins an award for having the MOST HONEST blog in the universe. You really should write a book. Go grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Dave wins an award for being the COOLEST CANADIAN ever! Love your blog, dude. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Lorna wins an award for GIVING ME MY FIRST BLOG AWARD. I know you’re new to this corner of the blogosphere, but I heart you and I think you’re cool and I think it’s great that you stand up for yourself even when I get all passionate and stuff. Go grab yourself an award, girlfriend.
  • Ivan wins an award because he is TRULY SEEKING GOD and he writes about the journey. I heart your perseverance, my friend. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Kyle wins an award for NOT BEING MAD when I told him I wouldn’t pray that he won a video game challenge. LOL!! That was a funny moment in my blogging history. Thanks for your good sense of humor, my friend. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Cynthia wins an award for the BIGGEST HAIR in the 80s. Her flashback posts are so much fun. Go grab yourself an award you survivor of Aquanet addiction. I heart you!
  • Will wins an award FOR HIS NAME. He is Will Smith. More specifically, he is Will *not the actor* Smith. How cool is that? Go grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Bub wins an award for the TITLE OF HIS BLOG. I heart it. I think it’s great that you put it all out there in one big blog name — “God, Me, and Poker”. Go grab yourself an award, brother.
  • Ali wins an award for being MY ONLINE FRIEND THE LONGEST. I met her 5 years ago when we were both pregnant with our girls. I have never met her in person, but I feel all the affection for her as any friend I’ve known 5 years. I heart you, Ali. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Jason wins an award for regularly CRACKING ME UP. Funny how we stumbled upon each other, eh? I heart your humor, man. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Tony wins an award for being THE BEST DAD in the blogosphere. Read his story and hold on to your heart. Go grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Debateur (I know her real name, but I don’t think she wants it published) wins an award for being THE MOST APPRECIATIVE blog owner. Really. She hearts her readers. Go grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Andrea wins an award for being the COOLEST HOMESCHOOL MOM ever! I heart your kids and your hugs each Sunday. Go grab yourself an award you hard workin’ machine.
  • Lauren wins an award for being the MOST AWESOME BIG SISTER on the face of the earth. Your family has no idea how lucky they are to have you. Go grab yourself an award, my dear.
  • Ginger wins an award for being SUCH A GENEROUS FRIEND. I’ll have you know this woman let me borrow almost her entire maternity wardrobe. I didn’t ask. She offered. Go grab yourself an award you tiny thing. They’re all too small now, but I totally enjoyed wearing them while I could.
  • Joe wins an award for BREAKING IT ALL DOWN on his blog. Want an online Bible study? Go see Joe. Go grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Carlos wins an award because HE DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH AS IT IS and needs more. Actually, he’s so popular already so go read his blog if you haven’t yet. It’s super duper good.
  • Anne wins an award because she GETS IT DONE and for her COMPASSION FOR THE NEEDY. This author of authors has a heart of gold and a real genuine love for the needy people in this world. Her influence on me has been great.
  • Pete wins an award for BEST PASTOR HAIR in the USA. His blog is fun too.
  • Jaymi wins an award for QUITTING HER BLOG. Hey slacker!!!! You know I heart you and your son is so worth quitting the blog over. Go grab yourself an award, girl.
  • MercyMe wins an award for NOT TAKING THEMSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY. They have to be one of the best bands in Christian music with some of the deepest, most touching songs. Yet they are the biggest goofballs online. It makes me wish I was going on the Music Boat Cruise with WayFM next year so I could hang with them and laugh all day long.
  • Danielle wins an award for being THE BEST RESIDENT PEDIATRICIAN ever and I truly wish she was in my neck of the woods so I could sign my kids up under her care. What a compassionate doctor!!
  • Nathan wins an award for being THE BEST HUSBAND in the world. He has brought so much awareness to cystic fibrosis and his family’s struggle. It has made him an internet icon. His life and the lives of his family has touched millions of readers worldwide.
  • My husband, Rich, wins an award for HANGING IN THERE when I’ve embarrassed him in a blog post. He gets to hear me cheer when I’ve had another record day of hits. He gets to hear me cuss when someone ticks me off. He gets to see me cry when I am touched by what others say either on my blog or on theirs. He experiences it all with me and he is so supportive of what I do. Nobody has been affected by my blog more than he has. He’s the best!! I love you, you hunk of burnin’ love!! Now come over here and kiss me.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone. If I did, please accept my apologies.
You are all in my heart.
Thank you for stopping by. Go now to your award’s party with your head held high. You are a winner!

PS: I get another award — for the most links in one post. Sheesh. Took me longer to link everyone than it did to write the entire thing. [smiles]

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28 Responses to “The Award Ceremony of Award Ceremonies”

  1. First of all, I’d like to thank the academy…

    I also want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ, my reason for living and doing what I do.

    I want to thank my wife, Tonya, and our son, Evan, and our dog Peanut, for giving me the time to live out my American dream.

    And to my parents…without you, I wouldn’t be here today.

    And, to Heidi, oh dear, sweet, wonderful, gracious, kind, lovable, all-around good girl Heidi…I heart you back! And, I just hope that one day, far into the future, when my blog site grows up, that it can be just like yours! Thanks for not reminding anybody how badly I begged for an award!

    And to Bill…stay away from my territory buddy…the only claim to fame that I have on Heidi’s site is the referral bit…without that, I am nothing!

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Steve not only begged for an award, he paid for one. Such a sucker!!

    Ha!! Kidding…


  3. Dave Carrol Says:


    Coolest Canadian. Is it a golden toque? A stuffed beaver? Maybe a syrup covered loonie?

  4. Move aside Stevie boy! (Notice I didn’t say Stevie Wonder Boy). The gauntlet has been thrown and it is now mano-e-mano. But I gotta stop laughing first and I can’t do much when laughing. You crack me up Steve with your acceptance speech. Besides, I can’t compare with all the schmoozing. How in the world am I to ever get an award after you stealing my thunder?

    Heidi: in sincere humility I accept your award. And I mean humility. I will always try to honor your respect of me. I will always blah blah blah. But next year (if you do this again and I am still around) I expect to be numero UNO!! 😉

    Thanks dear lady for the shout out. My life is richer because of you and our fellowship of bloggers.

  5. Bill…you did notice that she listed me first, didn’t you?

    Heidi definitely likes me better than you!

  6. Joe Blackmon Says:

    I am humbled that you would think my pedantic babbling could be described as “breaking it down”. My hope is that anyone who reads my blog comes away with the feeling that “if he can do this I KNOW I can figure this stuff out with some study and the help of the Holy Spirit”.

    Oh, one of my favorite blogs (other than Candid Chatter, of course), is

    Later, yaw

  7. Tiffany Says:

    i love Pete!!! i read his blog daily on my google reader along with yours… i am a new blogger and don’t even know how i found any of you LOL!!! AND PETE YOU REALLY DO HAVE THE BEST HAIR!!!!!!!

  8. candidchatter Says:

    Tiffany: Welcome to my chaos! Glad to have you — however you found me. 😉 Stop by again when you can, girl. And I’m glad you agree with me about Pete’s hair. It is ah-maz-ing!! Really, it is. 😀


  9. Lorna Says:

    Wow, another award….for ME? I’m going to have to purchase a tiara if this keeps upl Mwah, mwah! Thank you!!!!

  10. Lorna Says:

    Oh and bless you for all those links! That must have been time consuming!!!

  11. Will_nottheactor Says:

    What’s in a name? 😉

    Actually, I have to admit, my first thought was “Hmmm, Steve beat Bill.”
    My second was “Wow, I made the list!!”
    My third was to reply with similar antics as Steve (glad I read the comments first!).

    Heart ya back, Heidi. You’re awesome, too!! Thanks for the award, and I’m looking forward to getting back to my regular blogging schedule when I get back home. I second Lorna’s comment – great hyperlinking! I know it was time-consuming, but it really made the award ceremony THE event of the season that everyone will be talking about! 😀

  12. salpetitt Says:

    Hi there! I was just visiting your blog for the first time and noticed that you had switched from Blogspot to WordPress. I was thinking of doing the opposite. I thought Blogspot allowed you to do more creative things. Is Blogspot less user friendly? Just curious what your opinion was since you are now familiar with both!

  13. I’m getting tired of hearing about Pete’s hair. is there an award for guys like me and Steve who are, shall we say, follically challenged?

  14. candidchatter Says:

    Salpetitt: Thanks for stopping by. Personally, I thought Blogspot was a bit juvenile. However, after a year of seeing more blogs posted by their users I can see they’re getting better. I enjoy WordPress and doubt I’ll switch again. In my opinion, WordPress is more user friendly. There are a lot of Blogspot folks on here who may disagree with me on that. There are other places you can put your blog too — LiveJournal, TypePad, Google, Yahoo, etc. I’m not sure how popular they are to use, but check ’em out nonetheless. Good luck deciding.

    Heidi Reed

  15. candidchatter Says:

    Bill: I did a beauty post and put a bald man and a bald woman. Remember? Bald is beautiful. I have many bald men in my family. Most of them are bald by age 20.


  16. I tend to agree with Bill, be still my heart…I’m tired of hearing of Pete’s hair…not everyone can be a pretty boy like him!


    With Bill and I…you just get what you get…not all decorated up like Pete!

  17. Will_nottheactor Says:

    “No hair for my hairbrush… no hair nowhere no hair not fair no hair… For my hairbrush.” – Larry the cucumber

    Quickly headed there with you both – going gray AND away!

  18. Cynthia Says:

    Thank you! I’m so deeply honored. I’m now fifteen years without picking up a can of aquanet!

  19. Tony York Says:

    As part of the crew who is losing their hair, I say we make a drive down to Tennessee and take some shears along. Lets see how Pete looks with a glow-in-the-dark pumpkin come Sunday morning… 😉

    Heidi. I thank you for your kind words, but I do not feel, in any way, that I am the best dad here. There are so many good guys that do a better job at the parenting thing than I do… I just stumble along groping for the stuff that keeps me from falling headlong into that chasm of dysfunctional.

    My kids are great kids in spite of me (probably because I have a wife who is so good at being mommy). I was going to say that I wish she would blog but then you would all hear about how bad I really am … then I would have to cloister myself away some place and just be a monk or guy with a monkey on the end of a rope. For some reason I see that image when I think about the work ‘Monk’.

    Again… thank you.

  20. […] overwhelmed I don’t even have a speech prepared. In fact, I am blubbering even as I write. So go here to see what the heck has got me so excited. And then rejoice along with me. So thank you Heidi for […]

  21. daphne Says:

    Aww! How sweet! My first award right after I lost my ever lovin mind even! I heart ya right back, girl!

    I do not have any idea how to put the award on my blog but I did tell some people to come here to see it. You are so not being stabbity today. Thank you!!!

  22. Jen Says:

    Thanks Girl – you’re sweet!! I heart your blog too 🙂

  23. Jen Says:

    Whoops! Not all of my comment posted – I heart you and your blog too 🙂

    I appreciate the award and your sweet comments 🙂

  24. Ivan Says:

    Dear Heidi

    I fell off my chair when I saw my name on this list. Thank you very much for your praise and your encouragement. I have two sets of thanks:

    (a) You and your blog. I had been thinking about blogging about my responses to Spinoza and the New Testament (I even had the title) but I could easily still be mulling it over, more and more faintly. I stumbled upon this blog quite by accident — you might call it fate, chance, coincidence, accident, um, … I stuck around and read a few pages and then went immediately to set my own up.

    (b) My wife and son. They gave me strange worried looks all summer while I was reading the NT, but it was them who found the Bible class and suggested I go to it. My son’s even been helping me with my homework (his readings are embarrasingly better than mine — he pretends to be his headmaster). I don’t think you’re going to see a mass family conversion, but it helps me to know they support my project.

    I should be proud to put your award on my blog, and I’ll be sure to read all the other blogs on your list: after all, if they got an award their blog must be as good as mine, right?

    Thank you again,


  25. Jason Says:

    I remember how I got to your blog, I was reading Pete Wison’s blog, (doesn’t he have the best hair like ever, man I wish I had his hair) and was checking out peoples blog that left a comment, and the next thing I know I am reading some pornographic blog about oral sex and how much this girl dislikes sex sometimes, and how you just wish he would finish up etc… You know your typical, average everyday blog.

    I appreciate your honesty a bunch, thats one of the reasons why I read your blog. That, and to see what other foul, filthy, filth will be on your blog next (j/k)….Thanks for the award, I printed it off and hung it up on my wall in my office.

  26. bub Says:

    Thanks. I’m thinking of changing the name to “God, me and work”. It would be more appropriate. Of course, I would have to have time to go to my blog first. Sigh.

  27. vagabondrunn Says:

    Late on the thanks, but I have to say, I’m completely honored to receive such a once in a life time award. lol

    One of my favorite posts of all time…and not just because I won something; although that helps. [=

  28. […] December 9, 2008 at 9:54 pm · Filed under This Heidi Reed of Candid Chatter has given my blog an award! […]

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