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The Jesus Post December 13, 2008

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People are searching.
“Jesus” has had over 500 searches that landed someone on my site in 10 days.
Ten days = 500+ searches for “Jesus”


What does this mean?
What should we do?

They’re searching.

What are we going to
do about this?


One Response to “The Jesus Post”

  1. Ginger Bliss Says:

    We have to pray, humble ourselves and seek God…truly seek God. It is sad that the world we live in is so lost and so hungry, they are looking for anything and everything to give them peace or purpose or fulfillment and all this world has to offer is temporary and dissapointing. Jesus is the answer, the only answer.

    I feel so blessed to be forgiven and to have joy and peace in my life, and to have a relationship with the true living God. He has given me so much, how selfish of me to keep him all for myself. Thank you for this simple reminder that people all around me are searching….and I have the answer they need.

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