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Elf Yourself December 16, 2008

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Click the link below
to see the most fantastic
performance of the entire
Christmas season.

Elf Yourself like a Reed

Me, Rich, Brianna, Jeremy, and Rich’s mom
Merry Christmas!!


7 Responses to “Elf Yourself”

  1. Tony York Says:

    We elfed ourselves over the weekend and sat there laughing hysterically.

    I love the Country Dance… the whole lasso and arm shaking bit had me rolling.


  2. candidchatter Says:

    We did it last year too. Funnnny stuff!


  3. Camey Says:


    That was hilarious! Pretty fancy dancing moves you got there for being such a prego woman! Just sayin’….

    Hadn’t seen this version before! Makes me want to say, “Yee Hawww!”

    Love ya & praying for you/yours!

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Camey: YeeHaw!! Did you see that magnificent cartwheel? And, and, and… I was able to suck in the belly thank you very much. Ha!! Thanks for the prayers and for stopping in. 🙂


  5. mommato3blessings Says:

    did you see ours?!?! I love it! Last years was fun, but this year with the options- I am hooked! I like the disco too- I played with it last week and made a few. 🙂
    You sure can bust a move for being so preggo! LOL!

  6. Will_nottheactor Says:

    Last year, my boss’ boss did our management team (yes, I’m lucky enought to be included), and wouldn’t you know, of the entire lot, “I” was lucky enough to “throw the snowball” that nailed my boss’ boss square in the head?!? (Muwahahaha!)

    That, in turn, spawned a jibjab war, and let me tell you – some of them, well, people from other departments were stopping by to see what all the laughter was about.

    But Heidi, way to get jiggy!

  7. candidchatter Says:

    Mel: I can’t get yours to work. I’m going to try again later. I want to see it. I do. I’ll e-mail ya when I get it running.

    Will: LOL about the snowball. That’s fantastic! LOL about getting “jiggy” considering your name and all. That cracked me up completely.


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