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Blatantly Irritated December 22, 2008

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I am overly hormonal right now. I probably shouldn’t even read posts that others write much less write my own. It’s about that baby birthing time and when I get this far along I simply cannot be trusted.

Just yesterday I freaked the heck out while driving my precious children to church. Some lady pulled out in front of me and after I almost rear-ended her ignorant self I proceeded to speed around her while blaring my horn. This after promising my husband I would cool the road rage. He told me with the economy the way it is someone is going to shoot me and the kids. It’s just not worth it. Just let them go on and annoy you he tells me. He’s right too. I was a maniac for acting like that 8 months pregnant with two little ones in the car to boot. So who is the ignoramus now? Yeah, that would be me.

When I was 7 months pregnant with Jeremy I jumped out of my car at a stoplight to scream at a very large man in a very large black truck for almost side swiping me and my daughter. Now that got me in the idiot hall of fame right there. He called me a few choice names and then shut his window. I got back in my car while people all around me were honking their horns because I had blocked the intersection and the light turned green before I got back in my car. Duh! Not my proudest moment.

There is this person who I’ve never truly liked. Ever. She has made the list of high-maintenance. She’s basically up there right next to my ex-friend who only calls me when she needs something or wants a gift for her kid’s birthday (which means I’ll likely get a call next month b/c there’s a birthday coming). Yeah. Grrr.

I am trying so hard to ignore her (which is entirely against my confrontational, all up in your face nature) and the stupid things she seems determined to spew regularly and I’m failing. I keep reminding myself that if I allow her to get to me then I am allowing her to control me — you know, taking my own advice. I want to tell her off, but that would fall into the category of a Christian telling off another Christian in a public forum. See how my posts haunt me? For crying out loud. I am being tested on every single ounce of this post. Go figure. Really, that’s no surprise at all. It happens a lot.

Well I choose today to let it go. Maybe tomorrow it will be gone.

Goodbye frustration
So long irritation
Farewell desire to shut her up once and for all

I won’t cave. I won’t cave. I won’t cave.
I. Will. Not. Cave.


4 Responses to “Blatantly Irritated”

  1. jimmy paravane Says:

    I think yer safe. Must of us big brave guys are scared to death of pregnant women. I don’t want to even think about pregnant woman road rage. (frightened grin)

  2. daphne Says:

    Stabbity! If it makes you feel any better, today someone told me I needed to go read verse blah blah and I screamed ‘give me a bible so I can throw it at you because I will hit you with it so hard…’ and that was as far as I got before my love tackled me to the ground to keep me from killing someone with a bible. Which I am pretty sure would make Jesus cry. At least you are pg! I am stabbity for non hormonal reasons. NOT read my blog OR Jon & Kate Plus 8’s book called Multiple Bles8ings. TRUST me.

  3. Joe Blackmon Says:

    Well, when I had to switch anti-depressants (depression-what a wonderful thing to pass down to your children) I had to come off one before I could start another. I very nearly killed a pharmacist. I’m kinda high strung anyway but if I ever have to do that again I’m locking myself in a room.

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Jimmy: LOL you are?? Well, you should be. 😉

    Daphne: Now I totally understand “stabbity”. You have every reason to be stabbity. You do. I read your blog just didn’t have time to comment. I can’t imagine where you are right now emotionally.

    Joe: Ever try Valium? I don’t know how widely prescribed it is any longer, but that stuff ROCKS the house. Of course, I was using it illegally (no script), but it got me through a very hectic Christmas season while I worked in retail sales with the most incompetent boss I have ever had in my life. Anyway, I was inches from anti-depressants back in March. That was right before I got pregnant. I am not opposed to them in the least. In fact, a person I care very deeply for just got on a mild dose of one and seems to be doing well. We’ll see how life goes after this one comes, but I’m here to tell you I am not scoffing at them any longer. Whatever helps.


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