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Rejoice! A Surprise for Your Happy New Year! December 31, 2008

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No, the baby wasn’t born last night. Ha! I wish!!

Guess who I saw at WalMart yesterday? I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!!!
Do you remember this post?

I saw Harmony. She had a girl. The girl is chubby and healthy and fine and ALIVE and almost 4 months old!!!!!

Thank you for praying for Harmony and her baby (Jason, Steve, and others). God listened. Everything is going to be fine and I am so happy I got the chance to see her so I could update you. I didn’t think that would happen.


Happy New Year!


4 Responses to “Rejoice! A Surprise for Your Happy New Year!”

  1. Heidi: didn’t know you or read your blog back then but sure glad you gave the link. Sad sad story but one made beautiful with the birth of this little one. I pray that Harmony will see in time that she is loved by an awesome God (if she doesn’t already know). Thanks for being sensitive to another.

  2. Will_nottheactor_Smith Says:

    I’m with Bill on the new friend aspect, but thanks for sharing this. God ALWAYS hears our prayers. Always. And I hope that you can run into her again next year, and that you keep running into her family so she can see the joy that God has placed in your heart, if she’s not already a believer.

    Hmmm, new year, new baby?!?! It could happen…

    Try eatting some nachos with extra jalepeno peppers – light a fire under that baby so they want to get on outta there! 😀

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Alright!!! Why in the name of all that is dirty didn’t you people tell me I misspelled “SURPRISE”????

    You’re fired!!

    Some friends.



    It was “suprise” until about 2 seconds ago.


  4. Well…I doubt Bill and Will even noticed…their spelling ain’t what it should be…

    So…no baby yet? The day isn’t over yet!

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