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Christmas Cards December 5, 2008

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Hidey Ho I have already received TWO Christmas cards!! One of them had money in it. Ha!! Sweet!!

So the money is for the kids, but still — how fun is that?

I love to do Christmas cards. For the past few years we have done the picture postcard kind with pix of the kids on them and a nice little “Merry Christmas” message. Simple. Easy. Cheap. Yes, cheap — if you know where to order from. They can even be cheaper than a box O’ cards from Hallmark. Yep. And if you really know what you’re doing you won’t even have to sign them because they get printed on the back with your closing info — “Love, Rich, Heidi, Brianna (4), Jeremy (2 1/2) PS: baby due in Jan ’09” — kind of thing.

My friend Ginger has a hysterically funny post on her blog. Please go see it. I laughed so daggone hard that I cried. Holy smokes that has to be the funniest thing I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a long, long time. If you don’t “get it”, when you view the last picture look to the right in the background. Freakin’ funny stuff! Ha!!!!!

So do you have a funny Christmas card story? Or any Christmas card story?

I love Christmas. I love looking at the lights and the decorations and wrapping presents and shipping them off and getting another card in the mailbox. I love it all. This is my favorite time of year! Joy!!!


Share your Christmas
card story here. Don’t be shy.


Do You Clean It? December 4, 2008

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Do you clean your coffee maker or do you just rinse it out?


For years I’ve always just rinsed it out unless
I hadn’t used it in awhile or it started
to grow things.

Right now my coffee maker stuff is all
in the dishwasher being washed and

But is that a coffee maker
faux pas?



The Award Ceremony of Award Ceremonies December 3, 2008

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And the winner is….!!!

You are formally invited to Candid Chatter’s first and only award ceremony. I hope you wore your finest slippers and jammies for this red carpet event because it begins exactly now.

Hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen. You are about to come in contact with the greatest blogs on the Internet. Pay attention. Take notes. No gum popping or ice crunching in this auditorium please. Let’s get started.


The first official award ceremony of Candid Chatter presents the nifty little award thingy for your nifty little (or big) blog. Copy this nifty little thingy onto your site and brag about your awesomeness.

I heart your blog.


  • Steve wins an award for being the biggest referrer of ALL TIME. With over 700 referrals to my blog, Steve, I heart you! Grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Bill wins an award for being the biggest referrer in THE LAST 30 DAYS. With almost 100 referrals to my blog, Bill, I heart you! Grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Holly wins an award for being my FLESH and BLOOD. With that kind of connection, Holly, I heart you. Go grab yourself an award, my sister. Actually, if it wasn’t for Holly I wouldn’t be blogging. You get yourself TWO awards, my dear. How’s that for lovin??!!
  • Melanie wins an award for being the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER who visits my blog. You have talent, girl. Go grab yourself an award, my friend. I heart your work!!
  • Akismet wins an award for PROTECTING MY BLOG against almost 1200 pieces of spam comments. They were unable to attend the ceremony so they’ll get their award in the mail. Thank you Akismet.
  • Lana and Janean each win awards for READING MY BLOG and not having one of their own. I heart you and I would heart your blogs if you had them. Just imagine your award perched on your very own blog page, girls. Makes ya want to start a blog now doesn’t it? Congratulations!
  • Jen wins an award for having the CUTEST FAMILY blog and the BIGGEST HEART in the blogosphere. I heart your family and your blog. I heart your heart, my friend. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Tausha wins an award for being the MOST CREATIVE lady online. Your ideas are adorable. Go grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Roxanne wins an award for THINKING I’M FUNNY. Thank you for making me feel special, girlie. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Daphne wins an award for having the MOST HONEST blog in the universe. You really should write a book. Go grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Dave wins an award for being the COOLEST CANADIAN ever! Love your blog, dude. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Lorna wins an award for GIVING ME MY FIRST BLOG AWARD. I know you’re new to this corner of the blogosphere, but I heart you and I think you’re cool and I think it’s great that you stand up for yourself even when I get all passionate and stuff. Go grab yourself an award, girlfriend.
  • Ivan wins an award because he is TRULY SEEKING GOD and he writes about the journey. I heart your perseverance, my friend. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Kyle wins an award for NOT BEING MAD when I told him I wouldn’t pray that he won a video game challenge. LOL!! That was a funny moment in my blogging history. Thanks for your good sense of humor, my friend. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Cynthia wins an award for the BIGGEST HAIR in the 80s. Her flashback posts are so much fun. Go grab yourself an award you survivor of Aquanet addiction. I heart you!
  • Will wins an award FOR HIS NAME. He is Will Smith. More specifically, he is Will *not the actor* Smith. How cool is that? Go grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Bub wins an award for the TITLE OF HIS BLOG. I heart it. I think it’s great that you put it all out there in one big blog name — “God, Me, and Poker”. Go grab yourself an award, brother.
  • Ali wins an award for being MY ONLINE FRIEND THE LONGEST. I met her 5 years ago when we were both pregnant with our girls. I have never met her in person, but I feel all the affection for her as any friend I’ve known 5 years. I heart you, Ali. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Jason wins an award for regularly CRACKING ME UP. Funny how we stumbled upon each other, eh? I heart your humor, man. Go grab yourself an award.
  • Tony wins an award for being THE BEST DAD in the blogosphere. Read his story and hold on to your heart. Go grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Debateur (I know her real name, but I don’t think she wants it published) wins an award for being THE MOST APPRECIATIVE blog owner. Really. She hearts her readers. Go grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Andrea wins an award for being the COOLEST HOMESCHOOL MOM ever! I heart your kids and your hugs each Sunday. Go grab yourself an award you hard workin’ machine.
  • Lauren wins an award for being the MOST AWESOME BIG SISTER on the face of the earth. Your family has no idea how lucky they are to have you. Go grab yourself an award, my dear.
  • Ginger wins an award for being SUCH A GENEROUS FRIEND. I’ll have you know this woman let me borrow almost her entire maternity wardrobe. I didn’t ask. She offered. Go grab yourself an award you tiny thing. They’re all too small now, but I totally enjoyed wearing them while I could.
  • Joe wins an award for BREAKING IT ALL DOWN on his blog. Want an online Bible study? Go see Joe. Go grab yourself an award, my friend.
  • Carlos wins an award because HE DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH AS IT IS and needs more. Actually, he’s so popular already so go read his blog if you haven’t yet. It’s super duper good.
  • Anne wins an award because she GETS IT DONE and for her COMPASSION FOR THE NEEDY. This author of authors has a heart of gold and a real genuine love for the needy people in this world. Her influence on me has been great.
  • Pete wins an award for BEST PASTOR HAIR in the USA. His blog is fun too.
  • Jaymi wins an award for QUITTING HER BLOG. Hey slacker!!!! You know I heart you and your son is so worth quitting the blog over. Go grab yourself an award, girl.
  • MercyMe wins an award for NOT TAKING THEMSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY. They have to be one of the best bands in Christian music with some of the deepest, most touching songs. Yet they are the biggest goofballs online. It makes me wish I was going on the Music Boat Cruise with WayFM next year so I could hang with them and laugh all day long.
  • Danielle wins an award for being THE BEST RESIDENT PEDIATRICIAN ever and I truly wish she was in my neck of the woods so I could sign my kids up under her care. What a compassionate doctor!!
  • Nathan wins an award for being THE BEST HUSBAND in the world. He has brought so much awareness to cystic fibrosis and his family’s struggle. It has made him an internet icon. His life and the lives of his family has touched millions of readers worldwide.
  • My husband, Rich, wins an award for HANGING IN THERE when I’ve embarrassed him in a blog post. He gets to hear me cheer when I’ve had another record day of hits. He gets to hear me cuss when someone ticks me off. He gets to see me cry when I am touched by what others say either on my blog or on theirs. He experiences it all with me and he is so supportive of what I do. Nobody has been affected by my blog more than he has. He’s the best!! I love you, you hunk of burnin’ love!! Now come over here and kiss me.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone. If I did, please accept my apologies.
You are all in my heart.
Thank you for stopping by. Go now to your award’s party with your head held high. You are a winner!

PS: I get another award — for the most links in one post. Sheesh. Took me longer to link everyone than it did to write the entire thing. [smiles]

Got a favorite blog?
Share it with us.



As I was driving to yet another doctor’s appointment, I felt something hard at the very tippy top of my stomach. Neat! Head? No. Butt? No. Foot? Yes!!

I used to play games with Brianna when she was in utero. She’d push her foot to my stomach at the top. I’d rub it. She’d leave it there for a minute while I rubbed. She’d move it for a minute or two and then she’d do it again. Over and over we’d do this almost daily at the end of my pregnancy. She still loves to have her feet rubbed.

Jeremy would push his feet up and then start circling them around. I couldn’t rub his feet because as soon as I did he’d hide them from me. Once he was born I found out why. The boy is super ticklish. Cute, huh?

This baby seemed to like having a foot rub. I loved feeling the tiny little foot pushing on me. It’s so small. Seemed about 4 or 5 inches from toes to heel. Adorable.

It’s moving all over the place right now. Just when I start to think it has run out of room the womb gymnastics begin again. This is my favorite part about being pregnant. This is how I bond with my babies before they are born. This is something only I can experience with him or her. Others can feel it move if I tell them where to put their hand. But I know each and every little twitch. It’s me and the baby right now. So sweet and precious. Moments I won’t forget. Just us.


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I Won an Award December 2, 2008

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That’s right. I am officially a blog award recipient. Wow! Who to thank first?


This handy little square “my favorite blog award” thingy is my prize!
Thanks, Lorna, for making me one of your faves.

Thanks to anyone who reads my site.
Especially thanks to those of you who like to start fights
in my comments section.
Or to those of you who send me nasty e-mails.
Or those of you who get offended as easily as the wind blows.
It’s because of you that I keep on ticking.
And laughing.
And writing.
And snickering.

But, in all seriousness…
Thank you to all my fine daily readers.
Whether you just started or you’ve been here since last year
when I just started

Thank You!

It’s because of you that I am still here.
If nobody read what I wrote I’d jump off a cliff.
Ok, maybe not.
But I wouldn’t keep my blog going.
Well — at least I don’t think I would.

Thanks guys and gals.
You rock!


For the Love of all that is Peaceful

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Literally less than 3 seconds. Click on it.

This past Sunday’s sermon at church was amazing. Ah-Maz-Ing! I go to the best church on the face of the earth, by the way.

Praise and worship was rockin’. Then they showed clips from the movie The Passion of the Christ. The crucifixion part. I can never get through that without crying or at least sucking back tears so hard my face turns inside itself. Then our pastor showed clips from something else — a movie or something — of a man who had to allow his young son to be killed in order to save a train full of people he didn’t know.

Ok, you SOOO don’t do that to a pregnant chick. Two emotional clips back to back. Uh uh. I was a mess. A mess, I tell you! Then I couldn’t find tissues close by. I tried to just sniff it up and wipe the puddles streaming down my cheeks with my hand. It wasn’t working. I finally decided rather than drip snot all over my lips, chin, neck, and shirt that I had better make a small scene and find some tissues near the aisle in the front. I found them, said my polite “excuse me”, and then went back to my seat.

The sermon was awesome — straight from Isaiah and Daniel — lots of prophesy fulfilled types of verses which (I don’t care who you are) is irrefutable evidence that Jesus is the Messiah, God in the flesh. Around 300 verses in the Bible predict Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. He fulfilled every single one, dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” — but that’s not what this is about.

Eh hem.

A woman who was sitting directly behind me was chewing gum. How in the name of all that is peaceful did I know this? Well, because she was POPPING her cursed gum for about the last 30 minutes of the sermon. I could have ripped that chewy piece of interruption right out of her pretty little freckled jaws and crammed it right into her Aquanet bangs of auburn bigness. GuhRRRRR!!

What did I do? I sat there trying with all my might not to hear it. I focused so intently on my pastor’s lips that I about burned a hole in is face with my gaze. I did not want to miss anything. He basically had me at hello. Before hello even. It was intense.


So has this ever happened to you? It doesn’t have to be a church service either… movie, concert, symphony, etc. Share your story and then tell me what you did about it.

Go on.
I wanna laugh with you.


I Can’t Wait Till They Find Out Who Did It!!! December 1, 2008

This is one story I will be following.

WalMart Worker gets trampled

I cannot believe the state of our condition. I cannot believe that nobody has come forward. I cannot believe people continued to shop. I cannot believe this even happened. I sure hope that electronic device of choice was worth trampling the life out of someone.




I was kidding in my post about people getting shot. Too bad I was right — in a round about sort of way. It’s just too bad I was right.

Next year folks — do what I suggested — STAY THE HELL HOME!