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Happy New Year and Stuff January 1, 2009

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I used to do NYR (new year’s resolutions).

I would set myself up for failure at the end of every year.

Hmm. Not this time.

This year I will try to be a better me. The end.

Happy 2009 kids!!



4 Responses to “Happy New Year and Stuff”

  1. And, may I be the very first in 2009 to wish you a Happy New Year! Well, unless Rich and the kids have already done it…at least I’ll be the first on your blog, on the actual day…

  2. bub Says:

    Sounds like a plan to me. I’ll do the same. Just wanted to stop by and say Happy New Years!

  3. Bub…haven’t seen or heard much from you lately…hope you are doing well…

    You’ve been thought about and prayed for today!

  4. Missed doing this yesterday Heidi. I pray you have a blessed new year…starting with an incredibly beautiful and healthy baby…aaahhh boy. (Yes I read your earlier post). Dang it though! I wanted to beat Steve to your post but didn’t. 🙂

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