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Boys! January 4, 2009

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I cannot control my laughter.
I about peed my pants the first time I saw this.
It’s only a slight exaggeration when you have a baby boy.
Yes, only slight.

Watch it. It’s only like 30 seconds long.
And you will laugh your butt off.
If you made a new year’s resolution to lose weight,
you will at least lose your butt here from laughing so hard.
Oh, you’re welcome! What are friends for?


3 Responses to “Boys!”

  1. As a christened father of an 11 month old boy…yes, accurate video!

  2. Welcome to the world of boys! Whew! I had 2 girls. 🙂

  3. Joe Blackmon Says:

    Good grief…I thought we were the only ones with a boy like that. Forget fire hydrants—the fire dept should just keep some infant babies on hand.

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