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My Precious Little Life January 8, 2009

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Will you look like him?
Will you look like me?
Will you look like them?
Blue eyes? Brown? Green?
Blond hair? Brown? Red?
Chubby cheeks?

Mommy loves you.
Daddy loves you.
Brianna & Jeremy love you too.
You have a huge family.
Just wait till they all see you.
Soon, my lovely one. Soon.

*all photos courtesy of
Google Images*


7 Responses to “My Precious Little Life”

  1. Heidi: I am extremely disappointed in you. You forgot to tell him that his mother’s blog family loves him too and is praying for him. 🙂

  2. mommato3blessings Says:

    SOON!!!!! I am way too excited about the birth of a baby whom I won’t even see in person anytime soon (although it HAS to happen some day!!!)- is something wrong with that? I can not wait to see this little guy whom I have been praying for constantly since before his conception!!!

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Bill: LOL! Sorry. I’ll whisper it to him this morning. He’ll hear me. He usually moves around when I talk to him. It’s like he just knows or something. Neat huh?

    Melanie: You are one of my dearest friends, that’s why you’re so excited. You know more about this pregnancy and the loss the preceded it than most people who read my blog. And as much as you come to FL, you’ll see this little guy probably sooner rather than later. 😉

    Thanks for the prayers!!


  4. Well…Heidi…you just tell this little one that Uncle Bill and Uncle Steve are praying for him/her…and we hope the special arrival day comes sooner than later!

  5. Lorna Says:

    Aw, that is soooo sweet.

  6. Jamie Says:

    I am so excited for you!!!

  7. sjcall Says:

    Ah…now you did it, now you done made me want to have another wee one!!!! I miss the precious little baby phase…the smell of a baby…the little toes…ah nostalgia! Alas I am completely happy with my 2 boys and they will be all.

    Good luck Heidi! Cannot wait for my sis to share your good news on Tuesday! You will be in my prayers 🙂

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