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The Amazing Breasts January 21, 2009

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I know men love boobs. Heck, I love boobs. They are beautiful. Over this past week I have grown to be totally amazed by them too.

My first two attempts at breastfeeding pretty much kerplunked in the toilet quickly.

Brianna made me so nervous and when her reflux escalated I was so freaking done. She was breastfed for a whopping 2 weeks. Even as a bottle fed baby she was challenging, and I was at my wit’s end until she was about 4 months old. Let’s put it this way — the receptionist at her pediatrician’s office knew my voice when I called. Yeah, it was that bad.

Jeremy was born with a bad latch. How to describe this? His tongue isn’t made for it, so to speak, and he was killing me. To this day he cannot stick his tongue out past his bottom lip. It’s a wonder he doesn’t have speech problems. Anyway, I kept it up for several weeks through the pain, the bleeding, the cracking, the blisters, the engorgement, the plugged ducts, the let-down that made him gag and sputter, and the enormous stress it was putting on me. Once he was diagnosed with jaundice and I was asked to stop breastfeeding him for 3 days in order for him to get over it, I decided that was enough. I was miserable. He was sick. It lasted 6 weeks and I think I swore I’d never do it again.

Third time is a charm.

Jaxon was born to breastfeed. This baby is an answer to more prayers than I have time to document. One prayer was for breastfeeding to work out. And work out it has. Yay!! First of all, if you don’t know this, all babies lose weight after they are born. Most babies are discharged a few ounces less than their birth weight. Jaxon was born on Tuesday of last week weighing 8 pounds even. Thursday he was down to 7 lbs 10 oz. Friday, when we were discharged, he still weighed 7 lbs 10 oz. The boy was eating and we were both happy. In three days he had already gained back 7 ounces putting him over his birth weight by an ounce. This is incredible. Breastfed babies are supposed to gain back to their birth weight within 2 weeks of birth. He did it in a few days. Ha!!

Now we’re in a rythme. He’s eating every 2-3 hours. I am not engorged and never got engorged with him. I am a little sore, but it’s not excruciating pain like it was with the other two. My breasts are working like the milk machines they were made to be. It blows my mind that my boobs know when he will eat as well as how much he’ll eat and they accomodate him without any help from me. It’s like they have their own brains. Unreal and entirely amazing.

Boobs are amazing. I am in awe of my chest. Funny. Really funny. God made some incredible little (or big) chest bumps. Our bodies are awesome!

breastfeedingGoogle Images
* this is not me, that is not Jaxon *


10 Responses to “The Amazing Breasts”

  1. Yeah to the boobs!


  2. sjcall Says:

    What a blessing, Heidi! On a side note, did you doctor ever say anything about Jeremy possibly being “tongue tied.” Maybe something to ask about if not – it is basically where the little cord of skin that attaches the bottom of your tongue to the bottom of your mouth is shortened and it is a simple surgery to go in and basically clip it! Then he will be able to stick out his tongue normally. Just a thought!
    Be well!

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Jen: Yes he’s considered “tongue tied” (a restricted frenulum), but since it hasn’t caused any delay in speech or trouble in pronunciation I don’t see any point in having his frenulum clipped. When he sticks his tongue out the tip looks slightly heart-shaped. I think it’s cute. I told the lady at La Leche when he was an infant that I would never subject my child to a procedure of that sort just so I could breastfeed. She wanted to argue. I wanted to spit nails. Funny how protective I get over my kids. You know how it is. πŸ™‚


  4. Dennis the Menace Says:

    I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a woman say that she loves boobs and that they are beautiful. My response to that—“Wicked cool”.

    I think though if I was your husband it would be kinda weird if I noticed that my wife and I were both checking out the same girl.

    “It wasn’t me, Mr. Wilson. Honest”

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Dennis: Now don’t get carried away there, fella! LOL! I don’t check out women in a sexual or “I’m attracted” way. I am considering a boob job in the way off in the sunset future so I’ve been boobie shopping. Big difference. You made me choke on my egg salad sandwich, man. I appreciate the beauty of a woman who takes good care of herself and of course I notice a beautiful person (male or female). I have eyes. But that’s it, man. Oh my heck!! ROFL!! πŸ˜€


  6. Dennis the Menace Says:

    Ok, ok…don’t go getting choked up.

    I’m off to work. I’m going to bookmark this blog. Good stuff.

  7. wbppsh7 Says:

    Okay, let me say (I suck b/c I missed the big event):


    – Beautiful pictures and actually he looks more like himself than Bree I think.

    – Awesome boobie work. I’m so glad that it is going sooooo smoothly this time for you – I remember the 1st time – NOT fun!!

    – Take care and I will check in every so often!!!

  8. candidchatter Says:

    Thanks Ali!!

  9. bub Says:

    LOL I always love your disclaimers. This is not my boob. That is not Jaxson. I’m still laughing, glad everything is going well!

  10. candidchatter Says:

    Hi Bub. Good to see you online again! LOL about the disclaimers — don’t want anyone thinking anything other than what is true. I have been thru the wringer on my blog here so I just don’t take chances anymore. πŸ˜‰


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