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The Consultation February 8, 2009

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As you all know I am on a quest for the 5 minute hairdo. I posted about 7 or 8 photos the other day of my ideas. Now I watch TV closely to check out any short hairstyles — hopefully from all angles.

My “I’m so good I’m a rock star” hair stylist can’t fit me in her tightly booked schedule until the end of March. She is the # 1 stylist in the region for her company. She has all kinds of awards. She’s all that and a bag of chips. She travels all over the country to hair shows and has it goin’ on in a bigly marjorly way. She’s really, really, really good.

When I do finally see her I’ll walk in there, tell her what I think I want, and then let her do whatever she wants. I’ll even let her dye it whatever color(s) she wants. That’s trust, my friends. You ladies know how I must trust this chick, but I had to write that so the guys would understand me.

Well my dear sweet hunk of burnin’ love husband does not like short hair. When I got my hair chopped last time I was really nervous on the ride home. He ended up loving it. He even asked me if I could just get it styled like that again. I told him someday I’d let it grow out to that style again, but it took too long to do it. When Jaxon is older and not as needy I can spend more time in front of the mirror. But, for now, I’d rather spend my time working on my face (I haven’t worn eye make-up in months) and less time on my hair. He’s not convinced he’s going to like it. I am convinced he will. It doesn’t really matter anyway… it’s my hair. But — since he’s my gorgeous husband, I wanted to at least show him what I intend to do.

First, I thought the shorter the better. I don’t know. Curly, short hair sometimes looks really silly. I have cowlicks all over the place which also makes for some unruly locks. Now I think way super short in the back and longer angled towards my chin in the front. Hmm. Sounds familiar. Yes, it does.

Victoria Beckham familiar.

But if it is that short it will take no time to dry. Enter in my Chi flat iron and you’ve got one cooking style.

So that’s what I’ve chosen. Something like the Vikki Beckham look. I know she’s a super snot, but she has a super cool hairstyle. On me it will be even cooler. You know it’s true. Ha!!


I figure if I don’t like it or it takes too long to do I can always go shorter. What I can’t do is go longer if I really chop it all off. So in about a month I’ll have the cutest hairstyle in South Florida. Ok, ok. At least the cutest one in a 2 mile radius.


9 Responses to “The Consultation”

  1. Lorna Says:

    For me, my hair takes too long to style when it is short and not cut right. I don’t like a lot of layers (too much maintenance and too much goop in the hair = grumpy Lorna) I have extremely thick hair, curly on the underneath, straight on top and the older I get the more unruly when it’s short. I really like this style up there though. I could probably where something like that, although I tend to prefer myself with longer hair. It just takes me an eternity to grow it out.

    My stylist is pretty much a rock star too. But she knows my hubby from childhood and she does her best to squeeze me in. She is THE one to go to for color.

    You my dear, are going to look marvelous! 🙂

  2. I suspect Rich will say you look marvelous no matter what (since you have complimented him by saying he is “gorgeous” and “sweet hunk of burnin’ love” husband. But I will repeat my earlier suggestion on this one (for what its worth): “Wait until Jaxon grabs ahold and yanks.” 🙂 Again…I am hurt deeply that you didn’t pick one of mine. Think I will go pout.

  3. Heidi…when you have the hairstyle that Bill and I sport…you don’t know much about rock star hair stylists…

    I feel as if I get ripped off every time I go to the barber shop…and no, they don’t give discounts to bald guys! They should…but they don’t!

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Bill: He might pull it. But he would really yank the tar out of it if I kept it the length it is. Unless I put it in a ponytail, which I’ve said I am getting too old for. A 35 year old in a ponytail is just silly. So silly.

    Steve: They should give you a discount. That is a rip off. They should charge you what they charge a child. My son gets his hair buzzed off for a mere $8.00 ($4.00 if I have a coupon).

    Lorna: My girl is # 1 in color too. She’s a real live rock star hair stylist. It has taken me literally 20 years to find her and I will NEVER go to anyone else as long as I live in South Florida. Ever!!

    Heidi R.

  5. Hey Steve! I solved my dilemma. I have my wife do my hair. Only once have I heard “oops” and that was when she thought it was too close to my head, i.e. almost to skin. I was okay with it. Less to mess with. If you trust Tonya, let her do yours. ‘Course you may have more than me in which case… 🙂

  6. Bill…confession time…with times as they are currently, I bought a clipper set three weeks ago. Finally, after begging Tonya for a while, she finally gave in (after I took the clippers and started the job)…she did fine! And only nipped my ear once…:)…seriously…

    But, I’ll save $17 for a haircut…the clippers cost $15…so, in a month, they will be completely paid for…

    Tonya was worried that she would mess up my hair…I said, “No more than I have, do you really think anyone will notice! Plus…it grows back!”

  7. Anne Says:

    That’s basically my haircut, although now it’s a little longer. It’s really super easy — just a blow dry with a round brush to get rid of my wavyness in the back!

  8. candidchatter Says:

    Anne: Yayyyyyy that you love your style and it’s easy. Music to my ears girly!! Thanks. 🙂

    Bill & Steve: You two crack me up daily!!


  9. daphne Says:

    That was the one I picked. Hope you love it. I love my haircut. Makes you just feel better when you love your hair.

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