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Updates are Boring March 22, 2009

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But it’s not as boring when it consists of pictures.


5 Responses to “Updates are Boring”

  1. Mel Says:

    Boring? You CRAZY, girlfriend! Never boring when the updates are about those darlings. It’s wonderful to have you back in the saddle- I love getting my Heidi fix. I missed this so much.

  2. candidchatter Says:

    LOL, Mel.

    So I got my hair chopped — cute huh? Just not short enough. Next time (April’s appt) I am going even shorter. The kids adore Jack and he adores them. He smiled at Brianna the other day and I heard a giggle come out of her that I hadn’t heard ever before and it warmed my heart in a big, big way. Jeremy is such a good big brother. His 3rd birthday is Friday. My sister and her family are down here and will come for a visit sometime this week. Rich bought a new car and decided on a 2009 Toyota Corolla. Not what I would have picked, but he wanted economical and it is a cute little sporty thing loaded with safety features. I’ve lost 5 pounds, but still can’t exercise with such a sore back and knee (boohoo).

    Oh and thank you WILL for e-mailing me that I hit 100,000 on my stat counter. Now it’s 111,000 and counting. How fun! Even while I was gone it didn’t lose much steam. Isn’t that interesting?

    There’s the quick.
    Hugs to all and happy Sunday.

  3. roxx Says:

    ALL are beautiful!
    Clearly ALL get from mama!
    Just found you on FB.


  4. Ivan Says:

    Dear Heidi

    Not boring. You are all looking good. Jaxon looking pleased with himself in that first pic. Very glad you’re in such good shape and back blogging.


  5. Cynthia Says:

    Beautiful pics! Glad you’re back!

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