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Heebie Jeebies March 24, 2009

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wolf_spiderGoogle Images
Wolf Spider

If that doesn’t make you shiver at least a little bit…

When we first moved into our new home a little over a year ago (can you believe it’s been a year already?), we had to hire pest control. One giant wolf spider had taken up residence in our living room which is now my office. The house sat vacant for about a year and a half… maybe longer. And it looked just like the one pictured and was pretty much the same size too.

It gave me the quiver shivers in a big, big way.

It is springtime in Florida. How can you tell? A few ways really. One is the weather. Obviously, right? Florida has 4 seasons too… Warm, Hot, Hotter than hell, Not as hot as hell. Right now we’re entering “hot” coming out of “warm”. The other way to tell is that it rains in the morning and then the sun shines all the rest of the day long. Soon we’ll hit lovebug month and I’m telling you nobody loves those dern bugs. Hatebugs should be their name. I get the whole lovebug thing though — because the gross little raunchy bastages hump while they fly. It’s disgusting. And they are literally everywhere. EVERYWHERE. They get stuck to your windshield when you drive. They land on your hair and clothes. They make their way into your car or house if you’re not quick enough closing the door. Ick! Springtime in Florida folks.

But I love Florida. I really do.

With the onslaught of rain comes the crawly things we all know and love, er, hate. Ants, spiders, snakes, and many other gross looking bugs I don’t have names for. The other day I saw a wolf spider in my shower. It was tiny, thank goodness, but it gave me the hyper heebie jeebies. After I killed it, I felt totally uncomfortable in my shower and hurried as fast as I could to get the high hickly dickly outta there. [shiver up my spine] Blech!!

Two days ago there was one in the kid’s tub. We didn’t see it at first and I started filling up the tub with water. I put Brianna in and that’s when we saw it. She screeched, I screamed, and I picked her up faster than ever in my life. Imagine us being fearful of something as minute as a baby wolf spider. But we were clawing at each other trying to get away from it. If I had been a bystander I probably would have laughed my jiggly rearend off.

Then she had the heebie jeebies. She got back in the water after I caught the disgusting creature, but she told me to “hurry up mom cuz I don’t wanna play today”. That spider freaked her out too.

I’ve never taught her to be afraid of a wolf spider. Ever.
She. Just. Is.

See, folks, it’s natural to be afraid of spiders. It must be how creepy they look or something. Maybe God designed us to be afraid of them so He could get a good laugh whenever we crawl inside ourselves when we see one. I don’t know. He made them so I think He’s the one with the sense of humor up there.

Guess who is calling pest control today? You got it.

Happy Tuesday folks. Jaxon is 10 weeks old today. Jeremy turns 3 on Friday. My sister and her beautiful family are in town this week and I get to see them on Thursday. It’s an awesome week here at the Reed Household. I hope your week is awesome too. God Bless you!


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