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Happy Birthday My Sweet March 27, 2009

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Every night he asks me to sleep with him.
Every night I tell him “for one minute” or I’d be there all night.
Every day he challenges me.
Every day I get the pleasure of watching him push himself further.
He tells me I’m pretty.
He calls me his girl.
He says he’ll love me forever.

I’ll love him forever.

Happy Birthday boy who stole my heart.
Happy Birthday boy who keeps me grounded.
Happy Birthday boy who is the best hugger on the planet.
I. So. Love. You. Kid.
You’re my boy. Forever. And ever. And ever. No matter how big you get.

Happy 3rd Birthday Jeremy Reed
May God bless you always
May He anoint your soul and bend you and break you for His will
May you answer and obey
Humbly and wholeheartedly

I love you!




3 Responses to “Happy Birthday My Sweet”

  1. Cameyg Says:


    Awwwwww! Way too sweet! That little boy of yours was just prayed for.. as was his mommy.

    Much love & hugs!

  2. Lorna Says:

    Aw, that’s so sweet!

  3. Debateur Says:

    Happy Birthday !

    He’s so handsome.

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