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It’s Not About That April 1, 2009

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Christianity isn’t about Sunday.

Christianity isn’t about traditions and man-made rules that are near impossible to remember let alone follow.

Christianity isn’t about memorization.

Christianity isn’t about books or tv programs or conferences or award ceremonies.

It’s not about that. It’s not about the building. It’s not about the pastor or preacher or priest. No. It’s not the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the neighborhood you live in, or the school your kids attend. It’s not the music you listen to. It’s not any of that.

If you think it is, then you’ve missed out. Talk about turning right when you should have gone left. Wrong way on a one way street. Aiming for the moon and landing on Mount Rushmore. You get me?

Pay attention.

Christianity is about a relationship. Only one relationship. The only one you’ll ever need.


That’s all.

With who?

Jesus Christ.

Wanna know how?
Ask. Seek. Knock.
Matthew 7:7-8


27 Responses to “It’s Not About That”

  1. Will_nottheactor_Smith Says:

    Well said.

    The radio station I listen to, PowerFM, plays promos for – your words are exactly what they’re talking about.

  2. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. Ivan Says:

    Interestingly, we’re just back from our school’s Easter Bonnet Parade. Lots of chocolate bunnies.

    Meanwhile last night our son chose his Children’s Bible as his bedtime reading. No-one knows what he read or why.

    btw matt from has been round my place quite a bit lately too. I think he’s a spambot.

  4. vegetablesoup Says:


    A “relationship” with a mythical historical ghost. Brilliant.

    And what do you say to Hindus who have a relationship with, say, Lakshmi or Saraswati? Or Muslims whose relationship is with Allah?

    “You’re going to hell!”

    As if their craziness is worse than yours somehow.

    Oy gevult.

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Vegetable Soup:
    1) Jesus of Nazareth is not mythical. He is not fictional.
    2) I’ve never met a Hindu or a Muslim, as far as I know. If I have, we didn’t discuss theology. If I ever do, the first words out of my mouth won’t be “Hi, nice to meet you Mister or Miss I wear my religious beliefs on my name tag, I’m Heidi and I’m a Christian so you’re going to hell; let’s be friends”… trust me. I’m not like that. Jesus would disapprove of that kind of evangelism anyway since He was all about love.
    3) I believe the Bible. However, I didn’t write it. So point your anger and sarcasm towards the One who did.
    4) Do I believe that people who don’t believe the one and only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ will go to hell? Yes, I do, because I believe the Bible. God made hell. Not me. It’s your choice (and everyone else’s so don’t look at this as me picking on just little ol’ you) if you don’t believe it.
    5) God is love.
    6) I prayed for you when I read this and will continue when prompted.
    7) You’re welcome to comment here any time you wish.
    8 ) On this day almost 2000 years ago Christ died for you. He loves you despite what you say about Him.

    Thanks for reading. Please, come again.

    Heidi Reed

  6. vegetablesoup Says:

    1. His ghost is mythical/fictional. That’s my point. It’s debatable whether he lived as recorded by those who wrote down stories of his life 60 -150 years later, but my point was about people who talk about Jesus in the present tense.

    2. You have never met a Hindu or a Muslim? This is probably part of your problem. Please branch out.

    3. I do not “believe” the Bible, in the sense of thinking that it’s a good idea to base my life around its contents. Your sentence about directing anger toward the “One” who wrote it is non-sensical. The Bible, quite obviously, was written by many, many people, with many different intentions and audiences in mind. Therefore, I direct my anger toward those who misuse this text as a way of judging others and proclaiming their way of life as the superior (“only”) way to live.

    4. See above about people who demand that everyone conform to their way of life, on pain of Hell.

    5. You would never know it by looking at evangelical Christians.

    Skipping 6 and 7.

    8. Ridiculous. This human sacrifice nonsense is rubbish, and hideous. What kind of person wants another person to be bloodily murdered on their behalf? It’s a sick idea and I do not know why so many people find it so compelling.

  7. candidchatter Says:

    Veg: Are you trying to insult me? You came here on your own. You left a nasty comment attacking my faith. I know you’re not trolling because you have no URL attached to your name and you hide in anonymity (which is oh so prudent [sarcasm]). So I am left to wonder what your motivation is. Seems it’s hate — or maybe that’s too strong of a word — so a strong dislike for Christians in general maybe.

    Were you hurt by someone in Christian circles? Well, that person wasn’t me. Might want to keep that in mind. K?

    I don’t take it personally… really, I don’t. You are full of assumptions about me though which is very annoying, and you categorize Christians into one group of fanaticals that you seem to really abhor. But you aren’t upsetting me.

    I used to be you. I used to hate God and everything associated with Him. I used to make fun of Christians. I used to disregard the Bible. I had issues. Many issues.

    But I didn’t seek them out to insult them on the internet. For real. Think about that for a second. How in the world did you end up on my site if you weren’t seeking some sort of “interaction” with a Christian you could sling garbage at? Am I assuming too much? Look at the theme of this post and you tell me, Veg, how did you get here?

    So, please, let’s have an adult conversation. Because, quite frankly, I’m too busy for immature and misguided hatred right now. I have 3 young children and a life. Ya know!

    Heidi Reed

  8. vegetablesoup Says:

    You told me to “please come again,” and now you don’t understand why I came back. Feel free to say “stay away” if you don’t want critical commenters (most Christian bloggers censor their comments and disallow dissent, so you’d be following what is typical, if you did that).

    Otherwise, I think it is just part of the game of having a blog thta people who think you are full of crap are going to tell you so. So, consider yourself being told.

    Hurt by someone in Christian circles? Yes, are you surprised by this? (Do you realize how many evangelical Christians are child molesters?)

    But beyond inter-personal circumstances, I find it detrimental to our culture that evangelicals proliferate in America. This is a pluralistic society, and evangelicals are not content to let others have their own faith. **Everyone** has to be Christian. **Everyone** who is not a right-wing evangelical is going to hell. Etc. Etc. So, when I try to convince an evangelical that their point of view is wrong, I am simply turning the tables on them, but to a much less degree, because at least I’m not telling you that you are from the Devil, filled with evil, headed toward Hell (and so on), just because you disagree with me.

    How did I get here? I followed you from a comment you made on another Christian blog. A Christian blog that was attacking gay people, calling them “stomach-turning,” and condoning their murder by stoning (even alleging that such behavior would be pleasing to “god”).

    In any case, I am sorry to hear that you have three children. I hope they can escape you indoctrination at some point in their lives.

  9. candidchatter Says:

    Veg: Wow, you are mean. Really, really mean. The comment about my kids. Wow. I mean… words fail me on that one. I’ve never in my life seen anything so full of acidic vomit though. I’ll be darned. Never.

    I didn’t tell you stay away. Just wondered why you are so filled with hate and rage and why you think attacking me is good for anything. You have never met me. You assume I am a degrading individual who spews hatred as you do. You couldn’t be more wrong.

    This is my blog, therefore, I am free to write what I want to write. My topics center around my thoughts, feelings, life… etc. You name it, I talk about it.

    I know there are so-called Christians who molest children and it sickens me to the depths of my stomach. But they are not really Christians. God would NEVER approve of that. They just say they are. Having three beautiful children of my own, not a day goes by that I don’t worry about such things.

    And speaking of gay… so you assume because I commented on Joe’s blog with one word (“wow”) that I agree with him. Is that what I’m getting from you? Then you should read the post I did on homosexuality.

    Do I believe homosexuality is a sin? Read the post. Do I believe it’s up to me to spew human trash all over someone who is gay? No way. I don’t agree with a lot of what Joe says. But you never stopped to ask.

    You. Just. Assumed.

    And, no, I won’t delete or dissect your previous comment. Because you are hurting and it’s plain as day to me. My problem with it is only this… you are attacking the wrong chick. Period.

    And if you want to continue commenting on my blog you will ABSOLUTELY keep my kids out of this. Otherwise, you’re gone and I mean forever gone. That was hateful and the rudest comment I believe I have ever seen. I don’t even think Ragamuffin Soul has had anything that bad said to him.

    Heidi Reed

  10. Veg,

    My goodness. What anger. Maybe it is justified. I don’t know you, so I can only assume. But, I do hear the pain. And, I hear the anger coming out in the words you type.

    One thing I have found about Heidi–good, bad, or ugly, she’s going to tell you exactly what she thinks about subject–and it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not. She shares her thoughts, hurts, joys, and loves. If you don’t like it, you are always free to speak your mind. Heidi can handle it. Just don’t attack her children. When you do so, the wrath of hell will seem mild.

    Veg, not all Christians are as you describe them. Nor, are all non-believers as angry as you come across. There is room for discussion and debate in this world. And, as long as we put away the name calling, we can do so as civilized adults, assuming you are an adult. Heidi accepts that imperfection well. She’ll tell you, she is far from perfect–but then again, aren’t we all?

    I am glad you have decided to join Heidi’s blog. I have no doubt that if you’ll just tone it down a bit (and stay away from attacking her children), you’ll find a wonderful place to share ideas and opinions…and not a one of those ideas nor opinions has to mesh with what Heidi believes…

    Veg, are you open to that? Having an adult-sized conversation?

  11. candidchatter Says:

    Thanks, Steve. I owe you one!


  12. Heidi…it would appear that Veg did a “drive-by” on your blog and is now gone. Either that, or not ready for an adult conversation…always much easier to slam and run than sit and talk.

  13. candidchatter Says:

    Steve: Something like that. He/she was certainly ready to pick a fight. I am not up for it. Too busy. Too happy. Too full of joy and blessings. It’s a first for me really. I usually take ’em on. Not this time.

    Veg: Be blessed. I am still praying for you because I know no matter what your circumstances are in life or what choices you’ve made that God has bigger and better for you. Take care.


  14. vegetablesoup Says:

    Well, we certainly have many topics up in the air at present, any one of which would be rich for comment. I will go back to the theme of this post, though… which is Heidi feeling comfortable to tell the entire world that everyone needs only “one” relationship to get along in life, and that relationship is with an imaginary friend.

    Is it really so wrong to weigh in that this is terrible advice?

    That actually abandoning all real human relationships in favor of a long-dead rabbi would probably not have the intended results?

    I know, I know, I am SOOO mean. But what is this statement, if not mean, heartless, and cruel: “Do I believe that people who don’t believe the one and only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ will go to hell? Yes, I do.”

    So Gandhi is in hell, hmmm? Abraham Joshua Heschel is in hell? The native Americans slaughtered by in the invading Europeans are in hell? Holocaust victims are in hell?

    Why is this awful idea so compelling to so many people in the 21st century?

    I was raised a nondenominational evangelical, as it appears you have become, Heidi, and I know what they are like. They won’t even let other CHRISTIANS into heaven, if they don’t worship correctly. Catholics? They are out because they love Mary and the saints too much. Congregationlists? Too politically liberal. Unitarians? They embrace other faiths, so they’re going to get damned along with them.

    I am sorry you think I am mean, but I will fight against the closed-minded exclusivity of Christianity forever … which is why I made the comment about future generations rejecting it. I retract the part about making it personal to you, but I will never apologize for looking forward to a day when people who call themselves Christians stop idolizing Jesus, and decide to make their faith more about love than about forcing every knee to bow and every tongue to confess the ludicrous idea that Jesus is some sort of god.

    Doing so is EXACTLY like a Hindu adopting a particular deity in their pantheon as a personal savior, with the difference that a Hindu who has decided to fetishize Hanuman (as an example) knows that it’s just one personal expression of the infitinite nature of god. They recognize that their concept of deity is so broad as to encompass millions of access points (millions of “gods”), and to pick one for oneself is the same as acknowledging one’s limited ability to grasp infinity — not permission to force everyone else on the planet to agree, on pain of Hell.

    I am not Hindu or even a theist, I am just suggesting that their way of adopting a personal deity is more open-minded and helpful for a pluralistic society than the Christians. (This is not to say that Hinduism doesn’t have its own big problems, from the historical disaster of the caste system to the logical improbability of reincarnation. In other words, I personally don’t need Hanuman as my imaginary friend any more than I need Jesus.)

    On a more concilliatory note, I generally agree with the anti-status/anti-materialist tone of your post. I do find the second line of the post peculiar, though, because Christians find themselves in the uncomfortable position of arguing that their religion is not about a series of wacky rules, at the same time that they believe that their unchanging god once-upon-a-time actually DID think that a series of wacky rules was the best plan for humanity… way back before this unchanging god changed his mind.

  15. candidchatter Says:

    veg: do me a favor… when you quote me… please don’t take what i have said out of context… alright. i don’t have time to do more “conversation” right now… i am taking my kids on a play date about an hour away for the day… but i wanted to at least comment that this type of conversation is MUCH preferred on here than the way you “sounded” earlier… i can handle that you don’t agree with me or believe what i believe… let’s keep it above the childish mudslinging though.

    see ya’ll later…


  16. Veg,

    I appreciate your post today on Heidi’s blog. I also appreciate the tone of the post. Obviously, you are well-read and studied. You have considered various religions, examining their strengths (if there are any) and their weaknesses (which I think you see as many).

    I will be the first to admit that I don’t have all of the answers to the questions you have raised. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a discussion about it/them. Who knows, maybe you will enlighten my world and cause me to rethink some narrow-minded views that I have harbored for too long. Maybe something I say will bring enlightment to you as well.

    I think I started out very narrow-minded in my views about life. The older I’ve gotten and the more I have learned has changed that. Also, life experiences have changed me. I’ve learned hard lessons in life. I’ve suffered. I’ve bled. I’ve been hurt. I have also laughed. Joked. And, had fun.

    All along the way, I’ve found a common friend in Jesus. He experienced all of the things I have experienced. And, in the end, He died on the cross for my sins. And your sins, whatever they may be. While I might be willing to do that for you, my death would never carry the same significance for your life, as what Jesus did. As the Son of God, He died to atone for our failures and to make us right with God, His Father.

    Only one way to heaven? Yes, I believe that. Why? Does it defy reason? No, not for me. First of all, I believe it because Jesus taught it. He said that only through Him does a person go to heaven. I’ve reasoned my way through that statement of His, I’ve studied it. I’ve evaluated it. I’ve struggled over it. Over time, I’ve come to accept it. It simply makes sense to me. I believe in God. I believe in what He has done. I believe He loves me, despite my sins and failures.

    Some will think I am weak because of my beliefs. I can handle that. And, I hope I can talk about my faith and beliefs without becoming defensive. While I would like for you to share my faith and my beliefs, that ultimately is between you and God, not between you and me. In truth, there is absolutely nothing that I can say that will change your mind. That’s as it should be! I can tell you aren’t a weak person. You are smart, well-read, well-studied, and you enjoy a good discussion.

    Hopefully, if this conversation continues, we will both learn a great deal with the other, and use that discussion for future discussion. Will we “change” each other? I doubt it. But, then again, I’m not trying to change you. The way I see it, God made you as you are. Who am I to say that you need to change.

    Thanks again Veg for stopping by and discussing. Thanks HR for letting me comment as well.


  17. Will_nottheactor_Smith Says:

    Tossing in my two cents, in a pseudo-cute metaphor:

    Whether you believe it or not, we all will live forever, and we all have the ability to choose which “seating section” we wish to be – smoking or non-smoking. But the only way into the non-smoking section is to have your name on “the list” called the Book of Life. To get on that list, all you have to do is believe on faith that Jesus is the Son of God, who died on our behalf (to pay the price for our sins), so that those who believe in Him will not end up in the smoking section for all eternity.

    Which by the way, is the default seating section, if you don’t make a choice.

    One caveat – the reservations are only accepted while you have breath in your human body. After that, you will see Jesus and know that He is God, so you won’t need to believe on faith.

    I, too, am praying for you, veg, that your heart will be softened and that you will recognize Jesus for who He is – God. You clearly know the Bible if you know that every knee will bow and tongue confess – even Satan’s, eventually – and that when you do meet Him and confess He is Lord, I pray it it will be as a true believer, not as one who failed to recognize Truth when it was presented to you.

    Many, many others have struggled, as you do, so please check out or 1-888-need-him for additional resources, like to hear others who felt just like you do right now, or to talk to someone.

  18. vegetablesoup Says:

    Sigh. Simply insisting that something is true does not make it so, willnottheactorsmith. You have posted a lot of words, which simply boil down to the same thing Heidi has already said: Everybody who doesn’t believe like you-two (and the rest of the evangelicals) gets to burn in Hell. And I’ve already made clear how cruel and ridiculous I think that idea is.

    Even if you dress it up with your little jokes about a “smoking section,” it’s still a violent, punitive, terror-based cosmology, and I do not understand why it persists in the 21st century. It is time for this attitude of “worship MY god or you get a forever-spanking” to give way to a more mature way of looking at the world.

    Everyone here says they are looking for an “adult-sized” conversation, but at the root of the dominiant ideology on this blog is a child-sized morality that is based on little more than fear of a parental punishment.

  19. Tony York Says:


    I agree with a lot of what you said in the last post… especially your first complete sentence.

    So let us discuss veritology – what is truth?

  20. Tony York Says:


    By the way.. I found it ironic that you signed your first post with “Oy Gevalt”

    A very literal translation is “Woe is me”… a very biblical thing to say.. 🙂

  21. Veg…I join Tony. I would like to hear your definition of truth. Do you believe in truth? Absolute truth? Is there anything that is absolutely certain?

    I think I would also like to ask you this question: are you willing to believe that God’s Word could be true? Or, is all of His Word a myth and a lie? If that is the case, what absolute truth do you have to prove that His Word and God Himself is a liar?

    If you believe God and His Word to be a lie and that becomes absolute truth for you, then doesn’t that contradict your opinion that Christians are incorrect for believing in God absolutely?

  22. candidchatter Says:

    Veg: Meet my brothers. 😀 😉
    Thanks guys!! Good to hear from all of you.

    I started to write a really looooong comment here, but thought better of it since sometimes those types of comments are just skimmed.

    Bottom line is this…

    I believe because I know by evidence in my life that Jesus is the risen Son of God, the Holy Spirit is alive and works within believers like me, and God is sovereign over everything. I believe in the Trinity because I know them. I know them like I know my own children.

    The easiest way for me to explain faith in Christ is like this…

    If you have children:
    Remember when you didn’t have them? Now try to explain to someone without children what it feels like to love your child. Words fail you, don’t they?

    If you don’t have children, but have been in love:
    Remember how it hit you? You KNEW he/she was the one. You felt it pulse through your veins and you knew that this was for real. This is love. Now, try to explain that to someone who has never been in love. You can’t.

    See? The Christian relationship with Jesus Christ cannot be explained. But when it happens… when you feel the presence of the living God in your life… you change. You start to see like never before. You notice things you hadn’t noticed before. You hear things that you previously ignored. You weep like never in your life. You laugh bigger. You smile deeper. You have joy despite pain.

    Joy. Despite. Pain.

    I lost a baby over a year ago. It was the lowest point in my life. I felt like I had just been kicked in the stomach… and worse than that. If it had not been for my relationship with Christ I can’t even begin to wonder where I would be today. How would I ever have gotten through that?

    I have hope. I have peace. I have God living in my soul.

    He has changed my life. He set me free from so much hurt.

    It’s alive.
    But, I cannot explain it.

    Why do I feel so comfortable talking about it openly, you ask?

    1) I want everyone to have what I have.
    2) I don’t want anyone to go to hell.

    Sure there are many things I don’t understand about what I’ve read in the Bible (and, yes, I’ve read the entire thing). But what I do understand chapter after chapter after chapter is that GOD IS LOVE.

    He loves me. This much… John 3:16.

    I can’t imagine it. I don’t understand it. But I know how it affects me. I will never turn my back on my God. No matter what you or anyone else says to me.



    PS: Guess that turned out long. LOL! Oh well. I tried to shorten it.

  23. vegetablesoup Says:

    Okay, but Heidi, maybe you can’t explain your love for your children — fine — but you don’t expect other people to love them as much as you do, do you? You can’t explain your love for your husband/partner, but you don’t expect other people to mimic that either.

    You’d acknowledge that these mysterious experiences of which you speak are very personal and very private, right?

    So, why, why, why do you have to insist on your mysterious relationship with “Jesus” being replicated by every single human being on earth — or else they go to Hell? It defies logic.

    I am sorry you lost a baby. I am happy you found strength from somewhere to make it through.

    Have I ever been in love?

    Yes. I lived with someone I thought would be my partner for life, over a decade ago, in a city I don’t live in anymore. He was killed on his way home from a night class by someone who stole his wallet, his shoes, his glasses, and his hearing aid. I do not know if it was a gay bashing in addition to a robbery, or if it was a brown-person bashing (he was of Indian descent), or just a small-person bashing (he was slight of stature), but it hardly matters, right?

    It’s funny you go to the idea that when you love someone it is huge and powerful and inexplicable, because that is just what the Christians deny to gay people. They deny that we can have this huge, powerful, inexplicable, beautiful feeling, and they reduce our relationships to sex. THEY do it; WE don’t. But they accuse US of being sex-obsessed, when they are the ones who deny we can love.

    My parents are evangelical Christians. They believe like you. They believe Davi is in Hell now. He’s doubly in Hell, in fact, because he was both gay AND Hindu (Hindu by ethnicity/culture mostly, he didn’t really believe like some in his family do). Luckily, my family thinks, I am rid of him. I now have another chance to be “straight” and Christian and love Jesus. Until that day, to them, it is clear that I am filled with Satan.

    It’s a funny thing, though: I made it through that period in my life (and all periods of my life since age 15) just fine without Jesus.

    Davi’s mother made it through that period in her life without Jesus too. I made my way alone, she made her way with the help of Mother Saraswati, Brahma’s wife, giver of wisdom. I think she’s absolutely crazy for this. She talks of demons and angels and spirit beings and things I think are nonsense. But she absolutely believes they are real, as much as you believe Jesus is real. But she doesn’t threaten you with hell if you don’t care for Saraswati. And if you asked her, I think she’d possibly cough up some “It’s inexplicable” answer just like you, because at the end of the day neither of your belief systems makes a lot of sense, but you don’t want to let them go.

    Which is fine. But again, she’s not writing blogs trying to convince the world that Saraswati is the “only” relationship ANYONE ever needs.

    Because if I had my choice of restoring my relationship with Davi, and straining after some figment in my brain that constitutes my memory of what it was like to “love Jesus” like I did as a child, I know what I would choose. But that’s childish thinking to want to restore my relationship with either of them. They are equally dead.

    Still, if by some happenstance I am wrong and you are right, that is fine with me. I will look forward to waking up in Hell, with Davi … and Gandhi, and Abraham Joshua Heschel, and the native Americans slaughtered by the invading Europeans, and all the vicitms of the Holocaust.

    Tomorrow, I travel to my brother’s wedding, and I will see my family for the first time in five years. If you are looking for an excuse for my being a complete bitch on your blog, that is probably it. Get it out of my system, so I can go, be nice, feel myself being judged, probably get a talking-to by the preacher, or my dad, or both, but let my brother have his day without causing any trouble.

    I will not be back to comment on your blog anymore.

    If anybody comments on anything I have written here, I can’t stop you, but I would prefer no sympathetic comments, because really, until you-all stop pushing this Hell nonsense, and this Christian exclusivity cruelty, it is my belief that you are part of the problem.

    P.S. “What is Truth?” — Way too big to get into on this blog. Seriously. What is Truth? Truth is that the human body can’t survive 27 stab wounds. That’s some Truth.

  24. candidchatter Says:

    Veg: You said you won’t be back to comment, but maybe you’ll check to see if we did? Incase you come, here is what I want you to know…

    I’m sorry. I’m sorry that our brothers and sisters in Christ have hurt you so much that you have such hatred for our God.

    I’m sorry you lost Davi. My uncle, who is openly gay, lost his partner (and a person I also considered my uncle) to AIDS a few years ago. That sucked! Now he is with Uncle Joe and happy again and I am so glad for them. Joe is an awesome person and we, our family, love him (them).

    I’m sorry your family can’t see past their religion into your heart and love you despite your lifestyle choices. It’s really nobody’s business, but yours. Your hurt is so real and so deep and it literally breaks my heart in pieces (and I don’t even really know you).

    I believe you loved Davi. I believe you can find that love again. I hope you do.

    Thank you for giving us the chance to TRY to show you that not all Christians are filled with hate and rage towards gay people. That Christ is love, not hate. That He loves you (YOU) so much He would lay down his life for you. Crazy as it seems.

    Thank you for being human and honest on my blog. It has been a privilege having you here (in non-bitch mode anyway — Ha!).

    Have a safe trip and I will continue to pray for you.


    PS: The concept of hell pisses me off too, but I have no control over it. That’s why a panic settles in my chest for non-believers. But… the love and the realness of Him in my life keeps me in the relationship. Just so you know…

  25. Patricia Blackmon Says:

    God help us all who claim the name of Christ to remember that. Especially when we have an opportunity to share this love relationship. It doesn’t matter where we come from, as long as we come. Romans 5:8 But God Commends His Love Toward Us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

  26. Joe Blackmon Says:

    Just to clarify a few things…
    A Christian blog that was attacking gay people, calling them “stomach-turning,” and condoning their murder by stoning (even alleging that such behavior would be pleasing to “god”).”

    First of all, I never called any person or persons “stomach turning”. I refered to a news article as stomach turning. Not people. News artcile.

    Second of all, I did not condone murder of anyone. I said that in the Bible that God told the Israelites to kill people if they committed certain sins. If God tells someone to kill then it can’t be murder. The fact is that all sin deserves eternal punishment. God doesn’t have to give anyone a change to turn. He would be justified in sending everyone to Hell. That’s what makes grace so amazing. When I repent of my sins and place my faith in Christ, God forgives me not because I deserve it (I don’t) or because what I did wasn’t really that bad (it was) but because His Son has already paid the price for my sin.

    To that I say “Wow”!

  27. Adam M Says:

    “If God tells someone to kill, then it can’t be murder.”

    That’s terrifying, Joe. Unconscionable.

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