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The New Me April 16, 2009

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I tried to change my Avatar, but for some reason it only works on other people’s blogs. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong and I have no patience to find out.

Anyway, you can see I hacked my hair off and I LOVE it a ton! So easy to do — less than 5 minutes as requested.

My life is still whirlwinding about. Jack is already 3 months old and such an easy and content baby. My friends all comment on what a good baby he is. They are right. Brianna is learning to read and it thrills me to help her spell and sound out words each day. Jeremy is dying to start school and has got me wondering if I should enroll him in some sort of pre preschool program next year. These things aren’t cheap, but the boy wants to learn and create. Rich and I are deciding on that one still because Brianna will be in Kindergarten at a private Christian gotta-pay-your-own-way school. We’ll see how much this all could potentially cost a month. I hate that it comes down to money… oh well. Seems a lot does nowadays.

I am going to take a few courses online over the summer. I am hoping to get sociology, psychology, and diet/nutrition done before fall. Then all I have to do is take one general biology plus lab and 2 anatomy/physiology plus labs and then I’m ready to apply for the School of Nursing. I can’t believe I might only be 2 years away from that. Wow. So Jaxon will be 2 when I apply and hopefully by the time he’s in preschool I’ll graduate.

That’s what is going on around here.

What’s new with you?
Do share.


6 Responses to “The New Me”

  1. What’s new? Well, I don’t want to break a camera so I avoid an avatar (besides I have no clue how to make that happen). The big thing is that our youth/worship pastor has resigned and his last Sunday is the 26th. Will be an interesting time around here for awhile. My workload will go up to say the least (no I am not a singer) but will have to oversee more and delegate.

    Glad Jack is a good baby. Tired moms need that. Sounds like you have a whirlwind swirling around you. Make sure you take time for yourself and make double sure you and Rich make time for each other.

    P.S. I live the haircut (even though I lost that contest also) šŸ™‚

  2. Patricia Blackmon Says:

    the hair is TOO CUTE!!!! love it!!! You go girl, with your school!!!

  3. Oops. I love the haircut. How can I live it when I don’t have any to cut?

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Love the *new* you šŸ™‚

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Thank you!!!

    Bill: Are you ok? I’ll say some for ya! PS: You need to be on Facebook!! We’re rockin’ it over there picking on Steve. It’s fun! Don’t worry… he picks right back. šŸ˜‰

  6. Can’t do FB Heidi. That is my wife’s domain. I do the blog. Don’t have a computer at home except her laptop.

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