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Sometimes Change Happens April 17, 2009

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There have been many times in my life when something has happened and it has caught me in such a way that I have to change. No choice about it. I just straight up have to change. Most times it isn’t a big deal. Other times it’s quite painful.

I’ve had several discussions lately that have brought this to my attention again. A situation happened on my blog that took me for a loop too. I had to really think hard about where that fine line is and at what point does it get crossed. How far can I be offended before it starts to become personal?

Wisdom. Patience. Understanding. Compassion.

Remove myself from the equation and see — really see — what the opposition is trying to convey. Do mean-spirited people really desire to be like that? Or is it a cover or a shield or a wall to ward off hurt because that person has been so deeply tortured by another person who resembles me in some fashion?

A request has been made by a person whom I love deeper than deep (it has nothing to do with anything blog related). The first time this issue was brought up it ignited a feud that eventually led to part of the reason I now reside in Florida. That’s the cold hard truth right there.

But, this time around I can see why this request is being made. There is love underneath. And fear. I understand love and fear. A parent can always relate to the love/fear relationship. This request was laid to rest, I assumed, 4 years ago. Not so. My lack of cooperation is hurting the one requesting this action too. Four years later. Still. To. This. Day.

I had no idea.

So I’m left with a decision. Do I continue to stand my ground? Should I?
The real question is this…
What difference does it make if I just give in? It might mean the world to the person requesting the action even though it means diddly squat to me. Important to them, unimportant to me.

I’m learning to bend for the greater good… esp when it does no harm.
I might have to give in this time. To make someone feel better and to give peace of mind regardless of what I think about it.

What would Jesus do?
I think I know the answer to that one.



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