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Mother’s Day is Coming April 21, 2009

Filed under: Life... The Way I See It — candidchatter @ 4:18 pm

So what are you getting your Mom or Wife?

I’m toying with a few ideas for my Mom that are so fantastical that I cannot even post them for fear one of my siblings will take my ideas and get all the credit.
LOL! Just kidding. Not really.
Ok, partly kidding.

My Mother-in-law is getting one of these…
keurig-b601…because that’s what I got myself for Mother’s Day
and it is AWESOME!

Spill it.
What are you getting her?
If you’re a Mom, what do you want?


2 Responses to “Mother’s Day is Coming”

  1. Joe Blackmon Says:

    Well, I’m not going to spill it here because she reads this blog. Bwahahaha

  2. candidchatter Says:

    hmmm, joe, you’ll have to write it backwards then so it’s all in code or maybe use brown font color so it blends in… but your wife is one smart cookie so i’ll bet you she already knows what you’re getting her without you even saying anything…


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