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Cute Turned Creepy May 5, 2009

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People used to tell me I looked like Meg Ryan. It was when City of Angels came out. I had about the same hairdo as Meg and it was about the same color too. People would tell me all the time I reminded them of “Meg Ryan in that angel movie with Nicholas Cage”. You know the one?


I took it as a compliment. I always thought Meg was darling and she played darling characters too. She was an All American Girl.

I saw her on TV recently and the thought I had was “she doesn’t look right… something is off”. I wasn’t paying close attention and so the thought was in and out and I didn’t stick around to pick her apart enough to figure out what was off.

Till today. I found this picture.


She has been ripped off by a plastic surgeon.
Now Meg is creepy.
Poor Meg.
Let this be a lesson to myself.


5 Responses to “Cute Turned Creepy”

  1. Nothing takes the place of natural beauty. If I may be so bold…the pictures I have seen of you reveal that. Plus I bet there is an inner beauty that would put Meg to shame. Just my .02 worth.

  2. Forgot: yep ripped off.

  3. Ivan Says:

    Oh yes, you’re right. The funny eyes are a big giveaway. I agree with you. What a shame.

    I remember telling someone they looked like Meg Ryan (in Sleepless in Seattle) she didn’t take it that well, actually.

    When someone beautiful ages and ages beautifully, I think they beautify time. Even when holding time at bay is successful, the effect is melancholy (had to stick in a big word for you there) compared to beautifying time.

    This is a sad lesson.

  4. And just think…she paid to have all of that done!!!!

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Bill: thank you… that was sweet. 🙂

    Ivan: I knew what melancholy meant… yahoo to me! 🙂

    Steve: I know!! Tell me about it!!

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