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A New Perspective May 12, 2009

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Blogging has done many things for me. I have come to know and respect quite a few people in my small circle of blog friends. Reading people’s thoughts and struggles has sometimes stretched me — sometimes beyond my limits.

Here are a few examples…

  1. Before blogging, I was very narrow-minded on many issues involving Mothering and the role of the Mom in our culture. I secretly thought any woman who got a job outside the home, put her child in daycare or at a babysitter’s house, while her husband made a decent income was self-centered. If she drove a nice car and wore designer clothes and such, the more self-centered I thought she was. What I was really doing was patting myself on the back. I don’t think women who work outside the home are selfish any longer. Some women have to. Some women want to. Who am I to judge their capacity to love their family (children) and care for them based on whether or not they have a paid job? I was wrong and I am sorry.
  2. Before blogging, I thought pastors were boring. Now I know better. Y’all have some of the toughest jobs on the planet. Not to mention how careful you must be in every little thing you do and say. Life in a fishbowl can’t be easy.
  3. Before blogging, I thought pastor’s wives were like that pinkish blondish crazy make-up chick on TBN who cries all the time and speaks in tongues (if that’s what you want to call it). In other words, craaaaazzzy! Looney little goodie two shoes walking around with a Bible tucked under each arm and granny panties under every outfit. Ha!! I soooo know better now. Y’all are actually a pretty awesome group of ladies.
  4. Before blogging, I thought I was a radical Christian. Seems in certain areas I’m pretty stinkin’ mild.
  5. Before blogging, I was ashamed of certain things. Now I just let it all hang out. Being the “real me” has opened way many more doors than being the “pretend me” ever did. Authentic is where it’s at peeps.
  6. Before blogging, I didn’t have as many friends. Now I have friends all over the world.

I love that I’ve met you. Yes, YOU! I do. You’ve made me laugh, cry, throw things, cuss, get all warm and fuzzy, feel more, give more, love more, accept more, and do more. My life is richer because of you guys and gals who pour yourselves into your blogs and into my heart each and every time you touch me with your words and lives.

I love you kids.
Have a great week! See ya soon!


3 Responses to “A New Perspective”

  1. Oh, I love this. it does broaden our horizons doesn’t it, this whole blogging business?

    thank you for sharing.. (thanks for stopping by too..)

  2. Feeling is mutual Heidi. Hope all is going well in your neck of the woods.

  3. Lorna Says:

    I ❤ that I met you too. I too have met friends all over the world. It’s pretty darn amazing to connect with someone from another continent and discover that in many ways you are not very different.

    Have a good one Sistah!

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