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Spoiled Brat May 18, 2009

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I was thinking the other day about things. Sometimes I really want to get back in school so I can get it over with and start my nursing career. Sometimes I realize how good I have it right now and then I get over this hurry up thing.

I don’t have many hard demands on my time. Sure, the kids wake me up before I want to get out of bed. Sure, Brianna has school and soon will start other things like Vacation Bible School and hopefully a sport of some kind. Jeremy is getting older too and will join her in the whole school/extra curricular activities as well. Then Jaxon.

But, honestly, that ain’t such a bad thing to have scheduled.

I don’t have to drag my tired and weary butt into work to do a job I don’t like to respect a boss who doesn’t deserve the respect he/she is getting to get a paycheck that’s less than what it should be to go home and hurry through my evening and try to spend time with my kids who have just been in daycare of some sort for 10 hours.

I get to do what I want with my day. If I want to go to Target, I don’t have to ask anybody for permission. I might have to do it in between an errand or a scheduled child event of some sort, but I don’t have to ask.

I have responsibilities and they are big, but they are fine with me. I get to watch my kids do what they do day in and day out. Nobody has to report how many times my child pooped or peed. I know how many times because I was the one who helped them when they needed it. I get to watch my kids color or paint or draw. I get to hear them make up songs and watch them put on shows. Every day. All day.

Do they annoy me?
Yes, of course.
But, more often than not, they completely thrill me.

They definitely do not annoy me as much as a boss would or a co-worker or a customer or a patient or [fill in the blank] would if I had a job. Not even close.

I’m a spoiled brat. I say “brat” because I don’t always recognize my blessings. Because sometimes I want to hurry up and get a job. And, that is just stupid.

I have it made. Life is very, very good. Today I choose to dwell on that and I will not complain. My days as a homemaker are almost over. I will mourn them, I’m sure. Esp on the days when a patient pukes on me. Or when I have to wipe an adult’s butt. Those will be the days when I’ll wish my kids were this young again and the puke or poop was theirs.

Right here. Right where I am. I.Have.It.Made.
Thank you God!!!


One Response to “Spoiled Brat”

  1. Lorna Says:

    Amen to all that you said here. I am the same way! I am so blessed, yet sometimes choose to focus on what is lacking. I have been fortunate enough to have bosses that allow me to work the hours I WANT to work so that I can be there for my kids. I need to remember to say “thank you” for that. So today I am grateful and I will remember to say “thank you”.

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