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Amazing Lasers May 20, 2009

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I have a mustache. It’s disgusting. It started to appear somewhere around 10 years ago. I used to bleach it. As it got worse and more noticeable, I started disintegrating it with Nair. Most recently, I’ve been having it ripped out via a wax job. That freakin’ hurts, by the way. Esp if the person waxing it doesn’t get it all and has to tweeze the remaining stubborn ones. YEEOUCH!

This past Saturday I entered the realm of laser hair removal. It doesn’t cost as much as you might think. To have the upper lip done costs $50 per visit and takes about 6 visits (spaced 6-8 weeks apart). And, and, and… you pay as you go!! I was getting my upper lip waxed about that often at $20 per visit if you factor in the tip. Hmm. Do the math. Fifty times 6 is $300 and the hair will be gone permanently. Twenty times 6 is $120 and that’s per year. Every year. For the rest of my life. It’s worth it.

I wondered if it would be as painful as waxing and was ready for the worst. It was not nearly as painful. Similar to being flicked in the lip with a quick, hard shot of warm air. If you’ve ever had a puff of air shot into your eyes at the eye doctor’s office you can imagine a laser removing hair. Only difference is the air is warm and the flick sort of stings a tiny bit. Afterward, the smell of burnt hair lingers in the room.

I could get addicted to laser hair removal. Easily. After we’re done with my 6 treatments for my upper lip, I am going to have my armpits done. Can you imagine never having to shave your armpits again, ladies? Me either! How awesome is that?!!!

Have any of you had laser hair removal?
What did you think?


6 Responses to “Amazing Lasers”

  1. Lorna Says:

    Good for you Heidi. It’s something I would most definitely consider doing as well. The only downfall I have heard from my beautician is that, even though they say “permanent”, it isn’t for some people, especially dark haired people. But it it easily managed with follow up treatments.

    I would totally dig not having to shave my pits or legs. That would make my life so much easier.


  2. Does this work for the top of the head also? Just wondering because…:)

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Lorna: You’re right. Some ppl do need the occasional follow-up, but it’s much cheaper than a normal treatment. I would love to have my legs done too, but that really is expensive.

    Bill: Yes!!! Go for it. I won’t tell a soul. You should see the pictures of the Sasquatches they have posted in the rooms where they do the lasers. Big hairy dude be gone. If they can turn an ape into a man, they can turn a few straggly hairs into a smooth bald head. 🙂

  4. Jason Says:

    Hum…six to eight weeks between visits, that mean it would take about 20 years to get all the hair off my back, and with the threats of global warming causing the next ice age a good tuffed of thick hair on me back should keep me warm. I’m feeling generous, when the next ice age hits, I’ll let you keep your hairless arm pits and lip warm in my back fur…..

  5. candidchatter Says:

    Jason: Puke!

  6. Amelia Says:

    I keep asking my fiance to get me laser hair removal for my birthday, but he tells me I am being unromantic.

    I say there is nothing so romantic as never having to see me red-faced and teary after waxing my lip (and eyebrows, and chin, and…yeah, you get the point) again.

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