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Fat Kids June 15, 2009

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I was going to answer all of my previous post’s questions (see below) in the comment section, but then nobody will read it. So I’m going to attempt to answer them in a few posts.

Remember, folks, this is my opinion — which I am entitled to. Whether I am right or wrong isn’t the issue. What I think is what I write, and I am certainly no expert in diet and nutrition for kids even if I consider myself rather knowledgeable in this area. Ah-ight!

So, before you click “comment”, write up a nasty little public rant, and then click “submit comment” — THINK! Please, save yourself the embarrassment of coming off as a foolish idiot. Seriously. I can be enough of a foolish idiot for us all. We don’t need more than one. Plus, whatever you say will remain. Unless an all out war starts, I will not delete one single comment. You don’t want “buyer’s remorse”. You know what I mean by that. Now, to the topic.

My potentially flawed opinion is that a lot of fat kids are a product of their environment. Mom and Dad eat junk so they have junk at the house so they feed the kids the junk. Mom and Dad don’t exercise so they don’t do anything to get the kids motivated to exercise. Mom and Dad play video games or watch TV all weekend so that’s what the kids do.

I feed my kids junk sometimes. There was a time, during the end of my pregnancy and the first several months of Jaxon’s new life, that my kids ate at McDonald’s once a week. I ordered pizza about every other week. They currently eat a regular meal of hot dogs, peanut butter & jelly, chicken nuggets (baked, but they are still breaded), french toast sticks, and chips. They occassionally drink sodas of all types. They like Capri Sun too. And donuts. And cookies, lollipops, gum, Starburst, brownies, ice cream, popsicles, sweet tea, etc.

They are not fat. Not even a pinch of anything chunky on them. Well, Jaxon is a chubba wubba, but he’s strictly breastfed so that’s all healthy fat right there. For the remainder of this post, I don’t mean the baby. He’s 5 months old. So, from here on, I mean my almost 5 year old and my 3 year old when I mention my kids.

My kids also eat a regular helping of applesauce, cut up apple pieces, grapes, kiwi, yogurt (and I don’t mean the bad ones packaged in kiddie character boxes — I mean the natural good stuff), 1% milk, water, whole grain pasta/rice, broccoli, green beans, wax beans, baked chicken, veggie burgers, turkey sausage, eggs, organic foods, cheese, new things we occassionaly try from the farmer’s market, etc. We don’t use butter or bad oils. We cook most of our food in neutral flavored coconut oil. Sometimes we use extra virgin olive oil. For a buttery taste on foods we use Smart Balance and the spray butter stuff. We use a lot of herbs and spices in our foods — some which come from our very own backyard garden.


I think it’s fine to have fun and celebrate good times and share a meal. I think it’s fine to allow the children to have a treat now and then. I love to eat. I mean I LOOOOOVE to eat. Especially lately (pregnancy and nursing will do that to a girl). I am embarrassed to admit that I can outeat my husband who is a whole foot taller than me and about 80 pounds heavier.

I saw a woman who was hefty. By hefty I mean she was grossly obese. Like you see on TV on the reality show Biggest Loser. She was ill. Had to be. She could barely walk right. She was huffing and puffing just walking to her car and then when she sat in the driver’s seat her car literally looked like it would tip over if she took that corner too fast on the side she sits on. I pitied her because she is a slave to her condition and seemed powerless against it. Her outward appearance was proof of that. The saddest thing wasn’t so much her condition. It was the little girl who was holding her hand who couldn’t have been more than 6 years old herself who was the spitting image of her mother (or aunt, or grandmother, or whoever the hefty woman was in relation to the child). That poor kid was enormous. It broke my heart. I didn’t stand there in judgment of them, really. Honest. It made me sad to see it and thankful that I am not a slave to food. It made me grateful for my below average frame even though I wish I was smaller.


I know a couple who are both healthy adults. They lead active lifestyles. They have boasted repeatedly over the years about the importance of feeding kids organic food. Their kids have grown up with nothing but the finest foods and vitamins and health care. However, one of their kids is fat. Not obese fat, but overweight for sure. I’ve seen this child eat. “Stephanie” piles on the pasta, piles on the cheese, and eats so much dessert that one time she literally ate an entire pumpkin pie by herself at a party… one slice at a time. With whipped cream on top. Lots of it. The girl is not very active and doesn’t like to exercise.

So, really, it doesn’t matter if the food your kids eat is organic or not as far as weight control is concerned. What seems to matter is what kind of food, how much food, and exercise.

I think fat kids are mostly fat kids because they are lazy junk food eaters. There is no balance. Without balance, weight becomes an issue. That’s true for anyone. But, kids have a naturally high metabolism and a lot of energy. For a kid to become fat — there has to be a lot of junk food, a ridiculously high quantity of food, and a ridiculously low level of physical activity.

Related to this issue is clothing. My son is 3 and he can’t fit into 3T or even 2T or even 24 month pants/shorts. His waist is a normal size. I think clothes makers are making clothes bigger to fit the kids who are getting fatter every single year. Jeremy wears 2T and 3T shirts. Why not pants? My nephew has the same issue. These boys are not starving. They are healthy and muscular. Yet…. clothes are an issue for them. I’m finding the same thing is starting to happen for my daughter as well. Brianna is a solid 5T. However, pants and shorts are huge around her waist. A lot of clothes makers have inserted stretch bands now that you can pull and button to make the waist smaller. Again, because girls her age are getting fat and so a 5T is now a 5T in length, but more like an 8 in waist.

I hope the awareness that is surfacing about this obesity epidemic in our children gets the right kind of attention. If not, the generation of fat kids that are being raised in our country is going to explode the need for medical care in our very near future. You think there is a nursing shortage now? Wait until these fat kids are fat adults of 30, 40, 50 years of age. I would say 60, but they might not live that long.


3 Responses to “Fat Kids”

  1. Ivan Says:

    Disclaimer: I love MacDonalds’ food. I should like to eat MacDonalds’ a lot more than I do. Also I love Coke (Pepsi is rubbish).

    Disclaimer 2: I am not American (nor, strictly speaking, a Christian).

    I don’t think fat kids are such a big deal (apart from aesthetically). I think the anti-obesity thing is a moral panic: over here (in the UK) at least, anti-obesity propaganda attacks “the kind of people” who eat junk food as much as the food itself; a kind of snobbery, blaming “those people” for their own misfortunes. Surprise, surprise, “those people” are generally the white working class.

    The best predictor for anything bad is poverty. Middle class kids eat more junk, laze around more, play more video games, …, eat more salad, play out more, read more books, and are more healthy. Poor kids are worse at everything. They are just no good.

    To the extent that the problem is real I’d say it’s more to do with (lack of) exercise than with the wrong intake. The most shocking thing I saw recently was a (middle-class) fat kid who could hardly drag himself round the football pitch; OTOH I know another fairly rotund youngster who is an avid tombstoner. But why exercise? I don’t think an instrumental argument is good enough: I notice nobody says “sport” any more — I can’t help thinking that’s linked.


  2. daphne Says:

    hmph. I am slightly overweight. I am 5’2″ and 135. Should be 125. My husband is very obese. He breaks furniture often and I had to ask him not to sit in my new chair because it happens that often. His entire family is obese. It is an uphill losing battle to feed my kids healthy. Also due to extreme fear and anxiety issues, my love wants the girls to sit in front of a tv, video game or computer all the time like he does so they do not get ‘hurt’.

    My oldest was obese and she is 9. She & I worked very hard to help her make healthy choices while the rest of the family indulged in unhealthy foods, and to exercise, and there were times she was still hungry but I felt she had eaten more than enough. She is now in the normal range but it is a daily battle.

    It hurts my heart that she needs plus sizes and is big while her sisters are not. I know it hurts her because she has told me it does. I hate that we had to work so hard at such a young age to get her more ‘normal’ and that she feels living a healthy lifestyle is almost a punishment. Obviously she can not understand the mental repercussions my husband faces as an adult. Hell, he does not even reconize how much his weight holds him down and is the true cause of so many issues he has. But it sucks that my 9 year old puts on weight so easy.

    I know they eat more junk than they should but when I say it is me against the world, that is pretty accurate. Daily example from yesterday; my love went to run errands while I was fixing lunch. While out he got McyD’s and brought it for the girls as well. I told him they had just eaten. He said ‘that was like 2 hours ago!’.

    His family eats when happy & when sad. Over AND OVER when one of our children are upset, they offer food to help them feel better. It is not as simple as lazy & too much junk. Believe me. I could write another 5000 words on this but instead I will let you ask specific questions or accept your prayers. I tell my girls 1 Peter 3:3-4 but the fact is, when you are overweight and your plus size is so limited in the store full of cute clothes, it is hard for a little girl to comprehend.

  3. kaela Says:

    not really lazy im 13 and 205 im not lazy im sick and i have a heart and thyroid problem ii would ike to be skinny but i cant its not that easy

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