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Physical Harm Sucks June 17, 2009


If you are an adult and you want to cause harm to someone just for “fun”, then you are the biggest scum on the face of this planet. If you are an adult and you can’t control yourself enough to keep your fists to yourself, then you are an asshole of the highest degree.

As a teenager, I was introduced to girl fights. Until I entered public school in the 8th grade, I had never heard of such a thing. Ever.

Yes, I fought with my brother and sisters. Yeah, I had heard my Dad and uncles talk about their boy fights from way back when and what bad asses they used to be. Yeah, I had seen Sugar Ray Leonard throw some punches. I had probably even seen my brother scrapping in the backyard with some of his friends turned temporary enemies.

I was a child then. A child.

A pastor friend of mine posted on his blog about having respect for cyclists on the road. Well… duh! At least, that’s what I think. Cyclists of all sorts, as well as pedestrians, deserve our utmost respect and attention while we’re driving our torpedoes on wheels. He surprised me with a comment he made, being an avid cyclist, that sometimes people try to play chicken with him (from their car!!!) and someone threw a beverage out the window at him. What the hell?!!! I wish I was joking. What kind of person does that? What kind of hurry do you have to be in to scare the life out of someone on a bicycle? Who thinks that’s funny?

If someone attacked my child, I’d be hard pressed not to stab them so much that blood would squirt from each and every inch of their flailing, trembling body. Being covered in their blood might make me feel like justice had been served. But, I wouldn’t do it. Even if I wanted to. I can see why some people want to cause physical harm in situations where a life of a loved one has been stripped from them and they want bloody revenge on the OJ Simpson who did it. I can.

But, beyond that… I just don’t understand why these low-lifes get such a thrill out of hurting someone. How can a man hit his wife till she bleeds and begs him to stop? How can a mother beat a child who is cowering beneath her trying to put his or her hands up in self-defense? How can anyone beat a baby until it becomes unconscious? How can a parent suffocate a child? How does this happen?

Domestic violence is no joke. It’s all around us. Tiny little kids the ages of mine are exposed to it each and every single day. They are afraid. Terrified. And, I don’t see how that is funny or why it’s taken lightly. It makes me suffer inside my heart and soul because there is no stopping it. It will go on until the end. Women will die from it. So will kids. The cycle of abuse will continue.

Domestic Violence. Shaken Baby Syndrome. Child Abuse. Purposeful Starvation. Molestation. Rape. Murder.

How. Why.
It’s repulsive.


2 Responses to “Physical Harm Sucks”

  1. Powerful post Heidi. I have been in counseling situations with some of what you have talked about-more the emotional abuse than physical. But I have also seen the same type of “power play” used in a church. One wanting to exert their influence and position into having things their way. When I think of men beating women or visa versa or adults abusing innocent children I get sick, then I get angry, then I want to rip someone’s head off. (not very Christlike is it?) I see much abuse as someone trying to exert their strength over someone more helpless than them. Sad and sickening. Keep up the fight for this subject. It is worthy of fighting for. Thanks for the shout out also.

  2. Steve Says:

    Thanks for sharing this info 🙂 Will be linking to your site! Cheers! =)

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