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A Hundred Degrees August 3, 2009

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The heat index says “feels like 103”. It ain’t lyin’. With the sauna brewing outdoors, it’s hard to keep the temperature indoors a cool 70-something. The AC likes to run all the time. So, we’ve had to get ourselves used to 80 degrees indoors. Believe me, when you come inside my house after being outside my house you feel the cool chill of the AC. Even with the thermostat set at 80. It’s that stinkin’ hot. But, I still love Florida. I really do. I will take dripping sweat any day over shivering in the cold of winter. I am serious. I’d rather be next to naked than wearing layers.

Hot weather + Lay-offs + Foreclosures + Job loss + No money = HOT TEMPERS

I am on guard a lot these days. I don’t want anyone to flip the heck out on me. I’ve seen it so much lately. In public. People losing it on each other. Not hitting, but the blatant attitudes and sarcasm and, sometimes, even yelling or cussing. I would hate to be serving a company as a customer service representative in this economy. That has to be the worst job in America currently. It’s right up there with being a roof shingle installer in 100 degree weather. You get my point.

I know it’s tough. I see it all around me. Story after story trickle through the grapevine. It’s heartbreaking. Marriages are deteriorating. Money is gone or spread so thin that “gone” is looming ever-present. Too close for comfort. I get it.

However, I don’t see how being nasty to strangers will make anyone feel better. It won’t put money in the bank. It won’t feed the children.

The cover of a magazine I saw at Barnes & Noble today said the recession is over.
I smirked and said quietly, “tell that to the millions of Americans without jobs”. A woman overheard me and put in her two cents worth of agreement. Another woman looked our way and smirked too, in a friendly way.

Americans are hurting. Let’s not make it worse than it is by being jerks on top of it all.
Cool your tempers, kids. Remember a smile can go a mile. Be kind even when you want to be mean.
You will feel better if you smile more. You will. Try it.


One Response to “A Hundred Degrees”

  1. Like you I sure would like to know what ivory tower that magazine is published in. If so, it hasn’t hit here yet! But you are right about one thing heidi. Treating someone else decent and with respect goes a long way.

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