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A Hernia Can Kill You August 8, 2009

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I had no idea. But, it’s true. My uncle died from a strangulated bowel. He had a hernia. His bowel got stuck and instead of calling the doctor, despite his immense pain and vomiting, he dealt with it. That was a big mistake which cost him his life. If he had called his doctor, he would have been rushed for emergency surgery and his life would have been saved.

If you have a hernia or history of hernia, do not make the same mistake. A hernia can kill you. It killed my uncle.

inguinal hernia


3 Responses to “A Hernia Can Kill You”

  1. darkwatermelon Says:

    shit thats heavy man

  2. Dor Says:

    thank you for sharing that with us, im a
    concerned parent that has just been told 9 days
    ago that my 6yr old has a hernia the Drs at the
    medical centre told me it was dangerous, and to
    make sure he doesnt over do things until this
    is fixed, i wrote a letter to the school and told
    them of this i even spent most of the day their
    just to make sure things are in place so if it gets
    worse to notify me. i visited the surgeon today
    and he told me to let him resume physical
    activities,and call him if it gets worse before
    he has his operation in one month.i think i will
    just keep things in place at school so he has an
    eye keeped on him over the next month .

  3. tiffany Says:

    Thats so sad im sorry for your lose and now i am aware of the consernes, thanks to you i got my dad to go to the doctors and he is having an op cos it is a hernia 😦 thank you!!<3

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