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All Or Nothing? August 17, 2009

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I read an article one time with a comment by a person who is pro-choice. That person said, basically, if the pro-life movement wasn’t so “all or nothing” many types of abortions *might* very well be illegal. Is that a good point?

However, this post isn’t about abortion. It’s about food.

vegan lunch 1

I am struggling with losing weight. Ok, well, I lose about 5-7 pounds and then bounce right back up the scale the next week. My body is liking this extra 25 pounds. I wish I was the kind of girl who could throw up her hands and say “so be it” and get on with my life wearing double digit pants sizes.

But, I’m not.

And, I am not looking to be the next bulimic or anorexic walking the runways either. I just want to be healthy. I want to be strong. I want to feel well again.

I have a couple of things against me. My knee. My foot. My baby. My appetite.
Alright, more than a couple.
You get what I’m saying though. Obstacles.

I can’t exercise like I want to. Physically, it is impossible right now.
I can’t diet like I used to. I am nursing a growing 7 month old baby boy and he is hungry a lot. That means I am hungry a lot and so I need to eat a lot.

However, I can exercise. I’ve been doing Pilates and lifting light weights off and on for about 2 or 3 weeks. I’ve been sick, though, too. And so it’s a snail’s pace until I am well again. But… exercise is good no matter what form it takes. It is much better than doing nothing.

Diet though. The one I love better than all others is the South Beach Diet. I tried to get back on that wagon a few months ago and almost fainted one day. Then I got a visual migraine that lasted an hour and prompted me to call my husband and warn him that I may need him to come home so I could go to the hospital. That scared me. So, I resumed my normal eating habits and all is well. It’s apparent that I needs me carbs.

What then?

Has anyone ever seen a fat vegetarian?

I am considering becoming a part-time vegetarian. I wouldn’t be doing it for the animals. That’s for sure. Who flippin’ cares about cows or chickens? Ok. Some people do. Maybe a lot of people do. I don’t. Dumb smelly animals to me. So, y’all know it’s not that.

But, I love vegetables. I even love veggie burgers and fake chicken made from tofu. I like tofu just sauteed in with some veggies a la Chinese restaurant style. Sprouts… yum! Lettuce… yum! I can make a mean dinner w/out any meat just using what spices I keep on hand regularly and a little neutral tasting coconut oil. MmmMmm Good!

Seriously. That all sounds good to me.

Does being a vegetarian have to be all or nothing? If I eat some fish a couple times a month or have a hot dog at a birthday party does that make me a vegetarian misfit? Like I’ll be expelled from the vegetarian club? Somebody will come hit me upside the skull with a wet noodle for breaking the laws of vegetarian?

I think I want to become a part-time vegetarian. What could it hurt?

Have you ever considered
being a vegetarian? Do you
know anyone who is?


11 Responses to “All Or Nothing?”

  1. Karen Says:

    There is no such thing as a ‘part time vegetarian’. Also, I flippin’ care about cows and chickens. However, I think that it is great that you are considering a mostly meat-free diet. Good for you.

  2. Heidi: I could be a veggie I think but I really like chicken and fish. I do not eat red meat of any kind but will occasionally eat pork. I love it right now with all the fresh stuff-tomatoes (especially yellow), cukes, peppers…yum. My advice: nothing wrong with being a part time veggie but whatever you do be smart about it. Besides, I believe you said something recently about Rick loving you in spite of. Well, those were not quite your words but…:)

  3. candidchatter Says:

    Karen: Thanks for the comment and encouragement. Here is what I mean about a “part-time vegetarian”. They are called “flexetarians”. Sounds stupid to me. But, whatever. Everyone needs a name I suppose.

  4. candidchatter Says:

    Bill: Thanks for stopping by. Rich is a happy dude and loves me no matter… but, I want to be healthier and I am not right now. I need to lose for my satisfaction, but more for my health. I am at high risk for diabetes. Had gestational 3 times. 🙂

  5. anne Says:

    what about something like weight watchers that has now made an allowance in their plan for nursing mothers. if jack is eating solids you really only need about 300 extra calories “for him” in your diet. incidemtally, I went meat free 2 years ago for about 4 months at all meals except dinner and it was easy and fun!

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Anne: Get out!! WW has a diet for breastfeeding moms?? Yahoo! I will check it out. Thank you!

  7. Karen Says:

    As a lifelong vegetarian, nothing annoys me more than these ‘flexitarian’ people. Once again, there is no such thing as a part time vegetarian, only picky omnivores.

  8. candidchatter Says:

    @Karen: Don’t get annoyed. I am trying to be healthier. I’ll bet you aren’t fat and you probably don’t suffer from many ailments. Help me out here. Maybe I’ll decide to become a real vegetarian. I don’t know. I really like milk and eggs though. And butter. Well, Smart Balance. Is that even butter? IDK. Ummm? But, I am not looking to label myself and I don’t intend to carry my identity in the foods I eat or don’t eat. I just want a good life and to be healthy. Wanna do this in e-mail or here? LMK. I am interested in what you have to say beyond “there is no such thing as a part time vegetarian”. If you are lifelong, you may have the info I need. 😉 Right?

  9. Karen Says:

    Sure. I know all kind of recipes and such. My email is

  10. Karen Says:

    Also, it just came to me that my comments may have come across…erm…harsher than I mean them. It’s hard sometimes to convey tone in a comment. :/

  11. Lisa Scott Says:

    I can definitely relate to your situation, I used to be quite over weight and suffered form continually headaches, back pain…I just plain felt lousy most of the time. Like you I could easily do without meats so I decided to become a vegetarian. Let me tell you that was the single best decision I have ever made! I began to lose weight and exercise (not that much in the beginning admittedly, but I got better at it) and I’ve lost 90 lbs. I think you are on the right track, meat is very hard for the human body to digest so even if you want to be a ‘part time vegetarian’ (which I think is totally valid) that’s great…it will help you feel better. Every time you have veggies over meat dishes you are allowing your body to save energy from digestion and use it for things like weight loss and healing. Good for you!
    p.s. a book that helped me immensely is Fit For Life…definitely worth a read!

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