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Bye Bye Red Meat August 18, 2009

As I’m reading more on the subject of vegetarianism, I am learning ways to get started on my journey to a meat-free way of life. The truth is, right now I am not ready to go cold turkey with the meat products. I have decided that after tonight’s meal I will not be eating red meat. I had a nice juicy grilled steak cooked medium rare on Saturday night. It was delicious too. Sunday night I had pizza with pepperoni. Tonight we’ll have a taco bake using ground beef (which could easily be subbed with ground chicken or turkey or just plain old refried beans). I am not a wasteful person and so I can’t just pitch all my red meat. However, after tonight it will be gone and I can send the leftovers with Rich to work.

Next on my list is going to be ridding my diet of all meat besides fish and seafood. Maybe in a few weeks. In the meantime, I will strive to have 2 or 3 all vegetarian days a week. Call it weening if you’d like. It’s sort of the same concept.

My hope is that one day I can become an authentic vegetarian. Maybe? I am struggling over the fish and seafood restriction. There are so many healthy benefits to having fish that eliminating it seems silly to me (since I am a person who isn’t striving to be a vegetarian b/c of the animals). Maybe I’ll be a pescetarian for awhile. I know that some people will say “not a real vegetarian”. Whatever. It is a step in the right direction, and I am willing to learn new ways of preparing food for myself and my family. Plus, I can’t imagine never eating sushi again. I love sushi!

So, that’s the plan as of today. I am looking forward to our trip to the farmer’s market. I was going to go this morning, but I think I’ll do my dry ingredient run to the regular grocery store today. I need some whole grains and I should probably pick up some tofu too. Oh, and fish. We are out of fish.

sushiWhat are you doing
to be a healthier you?


4 Responses to “Bye Bye Red Meat”

  1. wolfshowl Says:

    As a veg, I only get offended if people say they’re a vegetarian and eat fish. However, there is nothing wrong with being a pescetarian! Just, you know, say so 😉

  2. Joe Blackmon Says:

    I’m of the mind that if God had not meant for us to eat meat, he wouldn’t have made it taste so doggone good. Nom nom nom nom.

  3. Well, I’m not an “arian” of any kind.. (veg.. pesc.. etc). But really, if you’re talking about changes for your HEALTH, I think you can afford to not worry about the labels.. Apparently, just don’t go calling yourself a vegetarian if you’re not!!

  4. Ivan Says:

    Who says that people have to eat meat with every meal? Or that if you don’t you are some kind of hippy (I haven’t read your coexist post yet;)?

    We often have meals based around a veg protein instead of a meat protein (usually chickpeas or lentils or tofu). We also love red meat and fish. There is no good reason to be a vegetarian.

    btw have you heard of the Jesus diet? Honest. It is basically red wine and fish. If you’re interested I’ll dig out some refs when I’m near a computer.

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