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What Does it Mean to You? August 19, 2009



14 Responses to “What Does it Mean to You?”

  1. Without sounding too harsh: it says “Compromise.” It says, “Will never happen.” It says, “Pipe dream.”

  2. Sidney Carton Says:

    Without sounding too idealistic, I think it is the only way to really survive. We learn to get along with each other, or we slaughter each other, and considering the capabilities for slaughter which we have gained in recent history, better to learn to get along, for the alternative is to embrace oblivion.

  3. Lorna Says:

    I pick comment no. 2. It IS possible. I believe it WILL HAPPEN.

  4. Ivan Says:

    Well there are real enemies (for me it’s hippies), but other than that I prefer Jesus’ “if you’re not against us, you’re with us” to His “if you’re not with us, you’re against us”. Unfortunately in the gospels He says both.

    I certainly wish religious types and biologists could get on better; and I wish Islam back in from the cold. OTOH all this New Age hocus-pocus makes my blood boil.

  5. Bas Says:

    I am surprised to see this on your site.

    Elsewhere, you are very “Jesus is the only way.”

    This message is against that strict and unhelful attitude.

  6. candidchatter Says:

    @Bas: I still believe Jesus is the only way. My beliefs have not changed. What I wonder is… can we (a society of many diff beliefs) really coexist peacefully? Coexisting is not against the teachings of Christ. He specifically sent Paul out to the Gentiles, of all peoples, to preach His message. That’s like Billy Graham moving to Iran. Very radical. You must have dealt with some staunch legalistic Christians to have the view you have. Or, do I assume too much?

  7. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday. It said “God does not favor groups; religions do.” Okay, it’s bumper sticker theology.. and if Jesus is the only way (I believe that), an arguement could be made that God DOES favor that group.. Except the Bible also states that He desires none shall perish. Which brings us back to NOT favoring groups.

    I hope we can figure out how to coexist. But it requires a mutual respect that I see sorely lacking in our society.

  8. Joe Blackmon Says:

    The message it purports to convey is “Can’t we all just get along”. What it really means is “Christians, just shut your freakin’ pie holes. Everyone else is perfectly welcome to evangelize or say what they believe EXCEPT you”.

    Now, from the standpoint of co-existing in the same country, every person should be entitled to practice their religion without any interference from the government or other people whatsoever. Muslims should be able to worship in their mosques. Jews should be able to eat kosher. Hindus should be able to hum the sacred syllable til the cows come home. As long as your religion doesn’t involve animal sacrifice or walking around in public naked, you should be able to be whatever religion or no religion.

  9. angel Says:

    my dearest norman

    your wish on earth was for all to co exist. You didnt
    live long enough to see your wish come true on earth. honestjy
    I dont think any of us `will live to see that. Thank you for asking me to tattoo that beautiful symbol on your arm.
    Now at 21yrs old you begin your new life in paradise …where
    all co exist in eternal happiness….. and no more pain!
    We will miss you always but remember norman my door is alwats open to you. visit us.. we wont be scared… well you can scare sand and jell {lmao} pay backs a bitch right norm? well i wont be scared come see me my little rent a
    son i love you

  10. candidchatter Says:

    Well, Angel, I have to admit that is the strangest comment I have ever received. I have never heard of sending a letter to a dead person via a comment on a blog. But, whatever makes you feel better.


  11. Dimak22 Says:

    I think it’s depressing that probably thousands of people across America slap this sticker on their vehicle’s bumper and then crash into each other. A little… symbolic, I think. Or ironic. Or stupid… I guess I should also say that it shouldn’t take a bumper-sticker to get people thinking or talking about coexistence – about peace. We should already be wanting that, and craving that. Anyone who watches the news understands what I mean, I hope. There’s a lot of bad. And overwhelming amount of bad. Anyone who thinks the worlds an okay place is probably in for a rude-awakening of some kind. It’s okay to be innocent, but not naive – not ignorant. We’re all a part of this world and we should realize that our daily actions DO have an impact on the whole human community.

  12. mark Says:

    in this new year, what a better wish can we have that there will be still hope to CoexisT, to leave the hate behind and follow our heart to love and happiness, to respect all gods and beleives, all civilisations and tradition, and specialy to respect ourself and the Earth.

    seems like in 2010 we are still fighting a religion war, always thinking we are the good they are the bad, calling our enemy by there religion.

    but we re all human with good and bad,
    for 2010 i wish we could all make peace with ourself…

  13. Ann Says:

    COEXIST….. What a beautiful wish! I found your symbol as an amazingly symbolic way to express what many of us profess to want, aka PEACE, but few of us really try to bring about. We dislike so many peole, groups, countries, etc., etc. just because they are “not like us”. TOLERANCE and UNDERSTANDING are such rare commodities in the world today. As a life long Christian, I have always questions why even Christian churches and denominations do not even get along. Then I grew up and grew older and realized that they are just made up of individuals, and as individuals, few of us are secure enough internally to truly “love my neighbor as myself”. All we can do is try our best to live life with tolerance and understanding and GRACE….. and PRAY that others will also find a way to COEXIST.

  14. Rachael Dalton Says:

    To me it means to try keep an open mind & understand other opinions & ideas & views & beliefs, and to accept the fact that everyone has the right to their opinions, and not to judge them or hate them. And not to tell them they’re wrong. I dont believe we will ever come to world peace, there are too many ignorant people in this world. But that dosen’t mean we cant try…..

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