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Priorities August 31, 2009

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golf ball

Someone once told me that you can tell what is important to people by how they spend their time.

I almost agree. I think since most people in the US have jobs, time spent working doesn’t count. Many job-having people I know would rather not have to go to work if they could survive without an income.

I think you can tell what is important to someone by how they spend their leisure time.

I don’t get much leisure time. At least, I don’t define my days as leisurely. I don’t get paid for what I do, yet I work very hard and some of my days can be pretty stressful. Some of the decisions I have to make can be major.

When I do get a moment to break away from my “job”, I usually find something relaxing or fun to do. I enjoy getting pampered via pedicure and other spa type indulgences. I enjoy going out with my friends and laughing it up for an evening. I really enjoy spending time alone with my husband. But, the funny thing is, I would rather do something as a family than anything else. My kids bring me the most joy. When we get away from our routine and daily habits I can relax just watching them discover or rediscover something fun. Their laughter makes my heart full.

Now you think about it … how do you spend your leisure time?
What does it say about you and your priorities?
What is important to you?


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