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It Was Not an Aneurysm September 4, 2009

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Praise the Lord! He is to be praised for certain!

The short of it is this…

  • it was a coiled artery deep inside his brain, not an aneurysm
  • they carefully uncoiled it and glued it and, when they did, all the veins that were tangled around it straightened up and started functioning normally all on their own
  • the blood that had been leaking was already gone (absorbed by the body)
  • he will be in the hospital for a long time
  • his recovery will include physical therapy akin to what they do for stroke patients and he may have to relearn how to talk and use the right side of his body

I will know more in a few days. In the meantime, I ask you to please keep Joey in your prayers.
Thank you!!


3 Responses to “It Was Not an Aneurysm”

  1. Lorna Says:

    Still praying for Joey, you and your family. Thanks for the update.

  2. Grateful that the news was as good as it could have been.. Praying that Joey’s recovery will be one that amazes the doctors and medical professionals (and friends and family!).

  3. Ivan Says:

    Wow, that’s brilliant news! Thank you for keeping us up-to-date. I shall keep up my efforts.

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