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The Duggar Family September 5, 2009

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What do you think about the Duggars?

Do you have
the right to judge
them for their family
size or religious beliefs?


13 Responses to “The Duggar Family”

  1. Well,isn’t that interesting.. ask what we think, and then ask if we have the right to judge them. Don’t you find that in our society people have a tres difficult time knowing the difference between offering an opinion and judging? And does ANYONE have a right to judge ANYONE?

    Perosnally, kidlets are a blessing.. If they are happy with thier choices, and they certainly seem to be, it’s none of my business!

    I’m struggling with the “if they’re not a drain on society” portion of the reasoning.. I have passed my fair share of judement on others (such as “Octomom”) and wonder where you draw the line.. the single mom struggling to make it recieving food stamps and medicaid for herself & 2 kids? The family with a sahm, dad working a “regular job” and 3-4 kids, on WIC and getting help with medical expenses?

    I don’t know where others draw the line.. I”m working on loving others without judging them as that what God calls me to do.

  2. Lana Says:

    i think they are interesting…
    I love that they are willing to truly put fertility in God’s hands, truly.
    i envy that in a way.

    as far as I know, they rely totally on God’s provisions, too, and they are responsible for the children they have… not draining any social/governmental support.
    they seem like they are handling all that God has given them, so I say “right on…”
    and quite honestly, I am happy for them that they can still get their groove on in a house with so many children everywhere.

  3. Tab Says:

    My comment isn’t exactly aimed at the Duggars. They seem to be doing extremely well for their size. It is, however, aimed at large families. Coming from a huge extended family I think that it’s awesome if it is truly ones calling. I can say that neither side of my parent’s families were perfect. Knowing some of the secret challenges they faced makes me want to avoid a large family of my own. I can say from the depth of my heart it was not the calling of my family. My husband and I have two. The desire ended at two due to personal circumstances. Unless by some miracle (if God chooses to bless us with more) it will remain only 2. God knows the heart. Am I doing it for the Lord? Am I doing it because God placed the desire within myself and my husband? Am I doing it for attention? Overall, my biggest concern for a large family? How do you know what your kids are up to? Really up to? Challenge enough for a mom of 2+. What are 6+ up to? I only ask this knowing some of the things that went on in my parent’s large families.

  4. Timma Says:

    They ARE a drain on society. They get tax deductions for each of those little varmints – where do you think that money comes from, Mars? And how many kids are each of those kids going to pop out? Do the bunny math. The single biggest threat to the environment and quality of life on earth is TOO MANY HUMANS.

    They need to be paying huge impact fees for their selfish greed.

  5. Andee' Says:

    WOW Timma! Okay….. I come from a family of 7 children. So i have an insight of a lg family… not that lg but lg. I also have over 50 FIRST cousins. (Don’t ask the exact number, I stopped counting at 56 and I know there is more)… My family USED to be the largest w/ 7 kids, and that no longer is true. SO with that being said…. I think its detrimental to the children to have that many. SUPRISE…. I don’t think its a good thing. I love my family and I had an amazing amazing childhood and relationship with my family. So don’t get me wrong. BUT I have an aunt with MANY children, 12, and I see them suffering. A mother, a father, cannot be there for each and every child. Not a downfall on their part, but its just impossible. The older children misss out on things b/c they are watching the younger…. the younger miss out on things b/c mommy’s too busy… This day in age, you cannot just be there all the time… You have to work and work HARD and LONG hours b/c you have to feed them all. Some of you may say the Duggars are doing it fine…. But they are paid alot of money fot that show. I am happy to see them instilling such great beliefs in their children and happy that they are so reliant on GOd….. BUt Its just to hard for the kids ….

  6. jomicane Says:

    I think that these 2 parents are very selfish. They keep popping out kids that they can’t take care of. I do admire that they are completely debt free, but where do they draw the line? Wouldn’t you as a parent feel guilty that you can’t buy your child a new pair of shoes or an outfit? They all look like orphans wearing their hand-me downs, and salvation army clothes. I very rarely see one of the parents holding or spending one on one time with the kids, it is always the older children taking care of them. I’m all about giving kids chores and responsibilities, but when do they ever get to be kids. They don’t have any friends (besides their siblings), they never participate in any sports, they don’t get to go out. It’s almost like they have their own cult.

  7. apostaterebel Says:

    On the one hand, the Duggars are self sufficient, live debt free, and appear to be happy. On the other hand, I have to ask, “What happens to these kids if something happens to the parents, or, just the father, who is the main bread winner? I am also wondering if all of these kids are truly happy, or if any will bear any emotional scarring from this? From what I have read of the family, it seems to operate as a patriarchal dictatorship, the father having not only the last word, but the only word. I can understand how in the past families needed to be large, especially farming families, to help out with the family farming business. I do feel that we have passed beyond that era.

    Another interesting point I would like to add, is that they Dugger couple started out using birth control, and quit after she had a miscarriage, blaming it on the pill. I wonder if she realizes that 1 in 4 pregnancies (statistically) end in miscarriage? They go on to state that they decided to let God choose the amount of children they would have. This is a ridiculous notion. It is a simple matter of biology, if you have unprotected sex, you will get pregnant. I can only hope, now, that after turning 45, becoming grandparents, and having a her 19th born 3 months early, sanity will prevail, and they will take measures to stop before it’s too late!

  8. Noname Says:

    I love the duggars and their show i would absolutely LOVE to have that many brothers and sisters it would be sooo fun and you would never get bored!!!!

  9. Jordan Says:


    No, I wouldn’t feel guilty about not ever buying my kid a “new” pair of shoes or clothes. You’re obviously an American as you think happiness is somehow related to things. Americans ( I am one) Love to chase shiny objects, but the more we get the more unhappy we become. The Duggars are really and truly happy.


    They are not a drain on society. Sure they get a tax break but How ’bout they don’t send their children to the puplic schools or participate in other state funded programs. People like the Duggars ( not everyone with lots of kids mind, but folks with similar ideals) are fiercly independant and despise government help. We need more people who can think on their own and not simply follow what every body else does.

    All this crap about spending the perfect amount of time with each child comes, usually, from mothers working away from home, who can’t possibly spend enough time with the kid they have to begin with. Or it comes from dads who would rather play golf, or watch football ,or work longer than spend time with the kids. Or it comes from single guys and girls who think they know everything but don’t know jack. Mrs. Duggar spends way more time with each child than most American moms spend with the one or two they have. She sees children as a blessing, most Americans see them as a burden. Oh and Stop listening to modern “parenting experts”, they don’t know up from down.

    I’m 25 years old, the second son, and and I have 5 brothers and 7 sisters, 13 of us altogether. My parents and siblings are far from rich but very happy. Life will have challenges and scars whether you have a big family, a small family, or no family. Losers will find something to blame for losing, whether it’s the sprained ankle before a track meet, coming from a big family, a flat tire or whatever. Kids from big families have no more and no fewer challenges than anyone else.

    You can judge them or not, but I don’t think they plan on sending any of their children back anytime soon. So it won’t do much good. They’ll do what they want, you’ll do what you want, and I’ll do what I want.
    Rock on

  10. christine o'donnell Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Duggars!!! They are kind and respectful toward one another. Michelle looks like the sweetest woman on the face of the earth… She seems VERY patient > God Bless her and her family. I would love to meet them someday!!!

  11. Thomas Says:

    well i for one think these are some of the most respectful and well behaved children I have ever seen. I see families that only have one or two children and the kids are mean as hell and are very disrespectful of others. At least the duggar kids are being taught responsibility and the value of hard work. One person posted that they were a drain on society I think its quiet the opposite I think these children will grow up to be a help to society. I would rather see 19 children grow up to help others then to see an only child grow up to be a punk and a slacker.

  12. chioma Duruaku Says:

    Duggar family are wonderful family. I like them because their are godly people. My prayer to them is that God will continue to uphold them and the grace to continue in there God. Shalom. It is well with you people. Remain bless in Jesus Name.

  13. Keenan Allion Says:

    Right on Jordan, these people who are full of hate are just ignorant. Most women with 1 or 2 children leave their children all day with strangers – those women are the ones who should not have children. Ugh.

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