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Cussing Christians September 21, 2009

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What do you think about that?
I invite you to be blatantly honest whether you are a believer or NOT a believer.
What do you think when you hear a Christian cuss?
Are you a cussing Christian?

I’ll admit that I cuss from time to time. I am quite aware of it when I do, too, which strikes me at an odd angle.
When I first became a born-again Christian I stopped cussing.
But, that wore off after awhile.
It happens (the cussing) more when I am totally relaxed and when I am angry.
Strange, eh?

I still get offended when I hear the “F” word, though. No matter who says it.
I reserve that word for EXTREME anger. But, when I say it, it makes me feel like my integrity just dropped in the bucket. KerPlunk! When I hear it I usually think a bit less of the person who just said it. I really don’t like that word at all. But, that’s me.

I also can’t stand it when a person who is at their job serving me in some fashion uses any type of off-color language. A nurse that I had a good rapport with at the hospital where I had Jaxon cussed so much I wanted to cover my newborn’s ears. I felt scandalized even though I really liked her. Her mouth was a huge turn off. I was happy when her shift was over.

Anyway… what say you?


8 Responses to “Cussing Christians”

  1. Since you have asked me to be honest…I have a hard time with it. I am particularly turned off by hearing pastors use it in the pulpit. That just sounds so disrespectful to me and like you wanted to cover Jaxon’s ears so I feel like I need to cover God’s ears. ‘Course you are also talking about a guy who hates to hear the word “crap” and “screw.” So now you know how sensitive I am. 🙂 That being said…I also try hard not to judge a person who does cuss. I do however cringe deeply when I hear the “f” word or hear God’s name used coarsely. Then again, I am also a guy who was raised in another generation than many of your readers (you included) and whose mother taught him that to use “dang” was almost bad. 🙂 I hope to hear some good convo on this topic. I would like to revisit and hear other thoughts. Thanks for being open and allowing me to be as well.

  2. Ivan Says:

    I used to swear very badly all the time — Fs and Cs even! — but that’s my background. I kind of got out of the habit after our son was born (mainly when it looked like F was going to be his first word: “fork” I told people, “he wants his fork”). When he started his current (very religious) school, I worked hard at the idea that blasphemy was a form of cussing (hadn’t really occurred to me before). Nowadays my language is very clean (but there are long gaps, …).

    I suppose that kind of language has its uses, and in the right contexts I can still roll it out. Of course it can also be symptomatic of laziness or tension.

    I think constraining one’s speech on principle is a nice idea, but the nastiest most hateful speech can be quite free of cuss-words. I should think avoiding hate in speech would be more important than avoiding certain taboo words.

    (besides which one of my most favourite words in the English language is probably a cuss word — a-and you’ve written it here on your blog Heidi!)

  3. candidchatter Says:

    @Bill: I invite you to ALWAYS be open on here. I would be turned off by a preacher cussing from the pulpit too. I would probably not return to that church. There is a time and a place, IMO. Church is not one of them.

    @Ivan: I try very hard to refrain from hate speech. I mean to perfect that ability as soon as humanly possible. You’re right… we can be very damaging without ever uttering a cuss word. Our tongue is a sword.

  4. bub66ohm Says:

    Hmmm, I could probably care less, lol. The funny thing is that I rarely swear at all these days. Although I couldn’t imagine a preacher running off a string of profanities during a sermon. If you hear me talking a blue streak maybe I”m just speaking in tongues.

  5. Andee' Says:

    I am a believer…. I am a Christian… and I cuss. (Is it off to say I feel like I just introduced myself at an AA meeting or something..giggles) Sorry. Anyhoo…… We are human beings. We are not perfect. God created us that way, and He has given us free will to choose the paths we live. He will always listen, forgive and be there. So if it takes a little cussing here and there to get through something, He is not going to be unforgiving. He doesn’t judge. Nor should we. XOXO

  6. Tab Says:

    I cuss occasionally. I think it is a sign of laziness and a lack of a good vocabulary on my part. It certainly isn’t a testimony to who resides in my soul. The general attempt is to say darn, dang, dagnabbit, crap, etc instead. People will think you are weird but they will KNOW you are different! We don’t want the boys to cuss so we are careful about what they watch and even more careful about what we say. I understand that they still may go through a stage. It’s even more a temptation for me, personally, not to swear because I grew up around cussing. It is uncommon for my husband to swear for any other reason than to be humorous because he NEVER heard it at home.

    I’m curious if anybody on here has cussed during childbirth? I was extremely inhibited during my first experience. I almost said $hi-Oot. The second time I let it all come out. I have never sworn that much ever in my life. Shame on me! I’ve never been so uninhibited. Curious!

  7. candidchatter Says:

    Hey Tab. I like you.

    I had 3 c-sections so I did not cuss. I hope someone else will answer your question for you. I will ask my godly girls and see what they say and get back to you. Two of them have pushed babies out med free — more than once!

    Thanks for your comments. I look forward to them.

  8. Tab Says:

    Thanks, Heidi! I like you, too. It’s providence that brought me here! Some would say coincidence, but I know better 🙂

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