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Learning the Hard Way September 27, 2009

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I wish I could say that was how I used to be.
Not so much. I still tend to learn the hard way.

However, I am figuring this whole keep your mouth shut thing can really be good. Ha! No, seriously, though.

I almost retaliated the other day. I came close. I also almost got a whole bunch of people involved in something that reared its ugly head exactly once. I never heard another word about it. Not one.

I remember one time a person keyed my car in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. I was TICKED the heck off. I had a Volvo and I so loved that car. It may have been a pride thing too b/c I soooooOOOOOO loved that car.
I came out and saw slashed all down the driver’s side door and front panel a nice chuck O’ key mark.

I went home and called Wal-Mart because I knew they had security cameras in the parking lot. It was broad daylight. The manager told me if I made a police report and they wanted to see the video she would release it, but that was the only way to go about it. Fine.

I called the police and the jerk-off cop told me it didn’t look like a key mark to him. He suggested someone ran into my car with a cart. Uh. There were no dents. Just a scratttttttchhhhhh as long as my leg.

Anyway. I was mad. Really mad. I even called the cop back, but lucky for him (or maybe that’s lucky for me) he wasn’t there.

So, I prayed and gave the entire situation to God. Long story short. I ended up getting hit by a truck (gentle like backing into me type of hit) on that scratch and that person had to pay to repair my car and so bye-bye scratch and that was that. I was happy again.

And, I still loved my Volvo. But, now it’s gone.

I gave my most recent bad, ugly, rotten situation over to God. I’ll admit that I like to take it back and chew on it from time to time, but that is happening less and less. I truly do pray for the people who verbally assaulted me. And, you know what… I don’t even think anyone noticed. If they did, nobody let on.

I’m learning. Maybe I’m a slow learner. Maybe. But, it doesn’t matter how fast I learn as long as I do. Right?

Happy Sunday! See you soon.


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