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Beer and Photos October 20, 2009

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I am uploading to Snapfish and Facebook. It is taking a bit like forever. I am also drinking a Coors Light. It is tasting a bit like refreshing.

It is 9:30 Tuesday night.

My daughter puked at the Cracker Barrel today before we got a chance to order. Within an hour she was at the doc. Not the flu. Thank God! That was the only time she puked. Thank God! Fever this evening and no appetite. Little bit of yucky down south in the potty. She is fast asleep. I read her the book my Mom used to read me when I didn’t feel well. “Corduroy”.


What was your favorite childhood illness remedy?
Mine was Corduroy and chicken noodle soup.
Better still, hugs and cuddles on my Mommy’s lap.


3 Responses to “Beer and Photos”

  1. Tab Says:

    Just one of those days, huh? I hear you! Sorry in advance for the commercial, but the one thing that really, really has been a lifesaver in our family is Reed’s ginger brew. None of the “ginger ales” in the store actually contain ginger. The best flavor is premium and extra is a little bit strong. It is wonderful! I’ve had it a few times where I was almost sure I was going to vomit and reeds prevented it. Definitely relieves nausea! (If one can handle it… guess it’s an acquired taste.)

    And KUDOS on the book. Great bonding times with sick babies (and healthy ones too!)

  2. Depending on how sick I was:

    Dry toast & tea.
    tomato soup & grilled cheese

    but of course, the best part was staying home from school & laying on the couch watching tv all day! And the special attention from mom.

  3. andee Says:

    Chicken noodle soup…. hair being played with by mommy or sisters, usually holly… and just flat out laying around!!!! i still want my momma when i’m sick!!!!

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