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My Phil Wickham Pete Wilson Morning November 9, 2009


Meet Pete Wilson. He’s the pale dude.

Phil Wickham(1)

Meet Phil Wickham

Purple 2

Meet me

I’ll have you know that BOTH men stole my do.
Ha ha ha ha ha!!
Actually, I woke up with “P” hair and didn’t wash it
so it would stay looking way totally cool all day long.


3 Responses to “My Phil Wickham Pete Wilson Morning”

  1. Thanks for the chuckle Heidi. I like your hair.

  2. Pete Wilson Says:

    Now that is funny! And I thought Phil stole it from me. Dang! 🙂

  3. NancyB Says:

    How funny — I found your blog while searching for pixie haircuts (love yours by the way) and while searching for a picture of your haircut I see a picture of Pete Wilson who’s blog I also follow.
    Small world even on the World Wide Web 🙂

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