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Mondo Busy November 17, 2009

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And, it’s a good thing.

November, December, January. Where did 2009 run off to?

My parents are coming in 2 weeks. Before then we will celebrate Thanksgiving and our 10th Wedding Anniversary. Yay us! After they leave we’ll be counting down the days till Christmas. Shortly after that Jaxon turns one.




Heh! The time is getting away from me. They are all growing up so fast.

Right before Jaxon’s birthday, I will start school again. I enrolled for Spring ’10 and can’t wait to get started. Next year will fly by too. I know it.

So, I am off my blog till January. I sincerely hope you all will have a wonderful holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that jazz. May peace reign in your lives and may God bless each one of you.

See ya next year!


4 Responses to “Mondo Busy”

  1. Blessings and peace to you Heidi. will miss you.

  2. Ivan Says:

    Happy Christmas Heidi. Remember to come back in January!

  3. Oh, see you next year! I used to love Christmas break in school JUST to say that phrase.. You’ll be missed! (But less so, since you know, there’s FB and all!)

  4. jimmy paravane Says:

    Happy Holidays to and all of yours, Heidi.

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