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Peacemaking is Hard January 6, 2010

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some of the ways to be a peacemaker

  1. swallow gallons of pride and replace them with gallons of humility
  2. listen more than you talk
  3. ask a lot of questions
  4. assume nothing
  5. personal attacks are not allowed
  6. feelings of superiority are forbidden
  7. be lovingly honest
  8. work for a resolution
  9. stay in the game; don’t quit trying
  10. admit when you are wrong and take responsibility for your wrongs
  11. apologize
  12. compromise without losing your integrity
  13. don’t gossip
  14. be respectful
  15. work on responding instead of reacting
  16. be objective to the best of your ability

i am not good at peacemaking

but, i am trying to learn


One Response to “Peacemaking is Hard”

  1. Is there a club for Peacemakers Anonymous? I would most certainly need to join. I look at that list and find maybe two or three that are me.

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